Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

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How restaurateurs surprise tourists

The most visited places while traveling are all kinds of cafes, bars, or pubs. Tourists are happy to visit inconspicuous coffee shops, buy food from street vendors, and book tables in upscale establishments. It's another way to get to know the country you're visiting. This is how you can try authentic dishes and experience new flavors.

To attract travelers more and win in the competition, restaurateurs come up with non-standard concepts. The emphasis is not on food and drinks but on ideas, original presentation or interior. And it's worth noting that they are really winning in this race.

Piz Gloria (Schilthorn, Switzerland)

If you are planning to visit the Interlaken ski resort this winter, you should stop by the restaurant where one of the Bond films was filmed. The first thing that will impress guests is the incredible views. "Swiss Hut is located in the middle of snow-capped mountains and has a special observation deck. So while the order is being prepared, you can admire the mountain scenery and take a few photos as a souvenir.

Of course, as expected, there are specialties and cocktails named after James Bond. But it's not this fact that attracts visitors. It's the thematic interactive exhibition dedicated to the famous film that is popular. You can also go skiing or snowboarding here as there are several trails near Piz Gloria. By the way, the building itself is located on the top of the Schilthorn mountain. It is not very comfortable to get there on foot, so there is a cable car.

Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

SnowCastle of Kemi (Kemi, Finland)

You might want to visit this atmospheric country after the New Year holidays. In this case, we recommend visiting a place where everything is made of snow. The Ice Palace is rebuilt annually at the end of January, so you have a great opportunity to visit it.

All food and drinks are served in transparent ice dishes and glasses. Chairs, tables, sculptures, spoons, forks and other decorative elements are also made of this material. The indoor temperature does not rise above 5 degrees Celsius. To keep guests warm, blankets are provided and the seats are covered with reindeer fur.

Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

Redwood Treehouse (Auckland, New Zealand)

When visiting lands with untouched flora and fauna, be sure to stop by a restaurant that conveys the concept of unity with nature. It is here that you can not only enjoy the beautiful local scenery but also return to your childhood. It resembles the time when we all climbed trees and built our own houses at a height.

The restaurant is built around a sequoia tree and is located at a height of 10 meters. It serves dishes from different cuisines of the world. Thus, everyone will find something they like best.

Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

O.Noir Restaurant (Montreal, Canada)

Lunch or dinner in complete darkness is what is offered here. A whole new range of impressions and sensations awaits visitors. Even the most familiar dishes will seem unreal and futuristic. Before the meal, guests turn off their phones and begin to trust only their own receptors.

The ordering and tasting process takes place in the dark. Of course, if you have allergic reactions to certain foods, you should inform the waiters in advance. They will pass the information on to the team of chefs and they will prepare the right dish.

Waterfalls Restaurant (San Pablo, Philippines)

In this restaurant, you can splash in a pond and enjoy a variety of salads or soups at the same time. The owners have set up an artificial waterfall, bamboo tables at its foot, and treat visitors to delicious local cuisine.

By the way, when you've had enough, you can plunge into the water. This is not forbidden by the rules and even encouraged by the owners. Therefore, we are absolutely sure that this concept will be appreciated not only by children but also by adults.

Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

Al Mahara (Dubai, UAE)

The premises are located in the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. This is not an ordinary establishment but a real fashionable aquarium, where a variety of marine life swims.

The restaurant employs the best chefs from all over the world. There are also certain rules here. For example, you can only dine from 18:30 to 22:00 and you must book a table in advance. There is also a special dress code and visitors with children under 8 years old are not accepted.

Gourmet gems: a list of the world's most unusual restaurants

Mars 2112 (New York, USA)

There is a cafe in the center of Manhattan where guests are served not by ordinary waiters but by "aliens". The interior is very original and interesting, reminiscent of the Martian Chronicles. People come here not for gastronomic pleasure but to plunge into the world of Star Wars. If you're a fan of space themes, you should definitely come here.

When traveling to these countries, be sure to visit the proposed establishments. We are sure you will be impressed and satisfied.

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