For those who are always in a hurry: life hacks for quick makeup

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These life hacks will help you create flawless makeup in no time. Source: Created with the help of AI

Who among us women are not familiar with this situation: you wake up in the morning after your alarm, realize that you are late, and that you have at best a minute or two to put on makeup. Not everyone can dare to leave the house without makeup. But how can you fix yourself up quickly?

OBOZ.UA has collected some tips from professional makeup artists. With them, your morning preparations will be much faster and you will not be late for anything.

Line your eyes in one motion

If you don't have time to draw arrows on the upper eyelids, do them on the lower ones – it's faster. Run the liner along the water line and then make a small tail in the inner and outer corners of the eye. The arrow is ready.

Mix lipstick with the foundation for the perfect blush

To avoid searching for the right shade of blush, simply add a drop of your liquid lipstick to your foundation. Mix everything and apply it on your cheeks. A perfectly harmonious look is ready.

Quick nose contouring

A patch will help you to contour your nose evenly in seconds. Stick the strip on the back of the nose, run the bronzer on the sides of it, remove the patch, and blend the product. Your contouring is applied flawlessly.

Perfect ombre on the lips

Cover your lips with concealer. Next, draw a pencil outline and paint the outer edges with lipstick of the appropriate shade, and put a drop of a lighter product or even gloss in the middle. Blend quickly with your finger.

Quick lip contour

To apply a quick and even lip contour, apply a little liquid lipstick to a thread. Apply the thread to the Cupid's arch on the upper lip, first in one direction and then in the other to get smooth lines at the curve. Then, in the same way, draw a line from this arch to the corners of the mouth. Also, use two or three touches to outline the lower lip. Apply lipstick inside this contour.

Smokey eye in four touches

If you have a palette of nude eyeshadows in the same range, you can create smokey eye makeup in just four touches using just your fingers. Apply just a little concealer to your pinky finger and dot it near the inner edge of your eye. Use your ring finger to put light shadows on the spot, then use your index finger to apply a medium shade to the middle of the eyelid, and use your middle finger to draw the largest dark spot in the outer corner. Blend everything with a brush and the smokey eye is ready.

Quick eyebrow design

To make eyebrows fast, take a pencil and draw the desired lower brow line. Then draw its upper edge in the same way. Fill the resulting space with any product that you use to color your eyebrows, gradually increasing the saturation of the tone from the head to the tail, gently blending the drawn lines, and applying a little concealer under the eyebrow.

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