Folk signs: what gifts will spoil relationships on Valentine's Day

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Folk signs: what gifts will spoil relationships on Valentine's Day

February 14 is a great holiday to express your love and affection for your loved one. However, in addition to successful gifts, there are also those that, according to popular beliefs, can bring negative things to your relationship. In addition, the ambiguity of some practical gifts can spoil your partner's mood.

To ensure that you feel only joy and love on Valentine's Day, OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of things to avoid when choosing a gift.

Bad omens

Perhaps you don't consider yourself superstitious, so you've never worried about popular beliefs, but maybe your loved one or their parents have a different opinion. In this case, your rash gift will only bring disappointment.

To prevent this from happening, you shouldn't give gifts:

Sharp objects

Knives, scissors, needles, razors, and other sharp objects: since ancient times, they have symbolized a breakup. It is believed that sharp edges can "cut" love feelings.


Giving a watch as a gift means separation. It is believed that the watch counts down the time left before the breakup.

Potted plants

Potted plants can bring negative energy, bad luck, and problems into the house. In addition, do not give artificial or dried flowers.


Pearls are considered a symbol of tears and grief. Giving such jewelry can bring sadness to yourself and your loved one.


Some items of clothing may not be the best choice for a gift. For example, slippers should not be given as a gift to avoid causing illness. A scarf and gloves symbolize separation, and underwear given to a man is a sign of infidelity.

What not to give a woman on Valentine's Day

When choosing a gift for a girl, you should avoid ambiguity.

Cosmetics or a gym membership

Such gifts can be perceived as a hint that you don't like something about a woman's appearance. The only exception is if your significant other asked you to give it to her.

Things for everyday life

When you give kitchen utensils or household appliances, you are not giving a gift to a woman, but to her home. In addition, a woman may think that with such a gift you are hinting at her inability to cope with household chores.

Only flowers or gifts that indicate your inattention

A cheap bouquet or a single rose, especially without an additional gift, will not make a good impression. But you shouldn't give some kind of junk with the flowers either. This will make you look like an inattentive and indifferent person. You can give jewelry, sweets, concert tickets, etc. as a gift with flowers.

Gifts for Valentine's Day

What not to give a man for Valentine's Day

Shaving kits and hygiene products

First, such a gift can also be perceived ambiguously.

Secondly, giving sets of deodorant and shower gel is too trite and will not please your partner.


Tools can be really useful in everyday life, but they are not a romantic gift at all. You can buy such a thing on any other day if you need it. Besides, it's not easy to guess and choose what your man needs among the many accessories.

Underwear and socks

We have already reminded you that giving underwear to men is a bad omen. And socks as a gift may indicate your unwillingness to make efforts to please your soul mate.

Remember, the secret of a good gift is attentiveness and sincerity of your feelings.

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