Five schemes on how sellers in Turkey "trick" tourists: anyone can fall for the hook

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In Turkey, there are many markets
There are many markets in Turkey

Turkey is a popular vacation destination among Ukrainians. Novice tourists usually choose this destination for their foreign travels, but many face challenges and pitfalls.

Turkish merchants have invented various ways to lure customers to spend as much money as possible. OBOZREVATEL talks about the schemes of how sellers in Turkey cheat visitors.

  • Work around the clock

Shops in resorts are open until midnight or even early in the morning during the tourist season. Unpopular goods are usually bought in the evening when tourists are in the mood to spend money after drinking alcohol. Sellers lure customers in, and they won't be able to leave the store without making a purchase.

  • Invitations at the entrance

At Turkish markets, sellers invite tourists to come inside at the entrance. They don't wait for them to decide to enter the store. They start a friendly conversation and pay compliments to entice customers.

Turkish markets lure tourists
  • Talking to customers

At the entrance to the store, sellers do not ask, "How can I help you?" but rather inquire about whether it is the first time a tourist is in Turkey, how many days they are staying at the resort and in which hotel, and where they are from. With these questions, they assess the level of knowledge about local prices and assortment, as well as financial capabilities.

After that, the main task of the salesperson is to gain the traveler's trust and emotionally touch him or her. Turks give compliments, offer discounts, and give gifts.

  • Free treats

If a tourist is going to leave without making a purchase, sellers offer to sit on the sofa and drink tea. If a big purchase is at stake, they offer Turkish coffee with lukum. This technique in Turkish culture means hospitality and a willingness to bargain.

Turkish culture is very hospitable
  • Bargaining tactics

Tourists often don't want to bargain to avoid appearing as "beggars." In Turkish markets, you will never see price tags, so sellers come up with the price themselves, evaluating the client. It is worth bargaining and "knocking down" the price by at least half.

If the product is inexpensive, the vendors will agree to drop the price tag after tea. When buying expensive goods, sellers involve a "store manager" who uses a calculator to calculate a possible discount. If you are not satisfied with the price, go to the exit. In a few seconds, a messenger will catch up with you with the news that the "factory director" is ready to agree to your price.

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