Europe's most interesting student cities: where to go for your next vacation

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Student cities

When historical centers start to get boring, tourists choose other routes. Interesting, youthful, and completely atypical. Today we offer a selection of locations where you can feel 10 years younger. If you want to be among the applicants and plunge into the atmosphere of fun, this is the place for you.

Lyon, France

The city was founded in 43 BC. It was built as a Roman colony under the leadership of Julius Caesar's assistant. But after a while, it became the capital of Gaul. Two emperors were even born here: Claudius and Caracalla.

Lyon is located between Paris and Marseille at the meeting point of two rivers: Rhone and Saône. Four world-class universities have been built here. Therefore, the student atmosphere definitely prevails here. The local cuisine adds to the charm of the province. This is a real gastronomic center of France.

The city has preserved many monuments from different eras. We recommend visiting the Gallo-Roman amphitheater, which goes down five floors underground. During the reign of Emperor Tiberius, large-scale gladiatorial battles were held here. The building could accommodate more than 20 thousand spectators. Nearby is a museum that houses finds of ancient civilization and the ruins of the theater.

Explore the traboules or the so-called secret entrances of Lyon. At first glance, these are ordinary residential buildings that are no different from others. But it's not that simple. In fact, these are covered passages that connect city buildings. These passages appeared in the Renaissance. They were used by traders to move between shops and workshops. Today, anyone can enter their walls. So don't miss this chance.

Do not miss the main shrine of the city: the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. The church is located on a high hill. There are two ways to get to it: by cable car and on foot up steep stairs. The decoration of the church is really impressive. There are marble walls, vintage frescoes, and a gilded dome depicting the Madonna. The prayer room is on two levels. You can go down to the crypt or go up to the observation deck to admire the beautiful panoramas.

Europe's most interesting student cities: where to go for your next vacation

Munich, Germany

Among tourists, the Bavarian capital is known as a beer center. But it is actually one of the best student regions in the country. Two of the state's leading institutions operate here: the Ludwig Maximilian University and a technical university. Therefore, there is always an atmosphere of fun.

This is especially noticeable in September. This is when the academic semester begins and the annual Oktoberfest takes place. Whether it's a coincidence or not is anyone's guess.

If you are here, be sure to visit the Schloss Blutenburg. It was built on the orders of Albrecht III, who married his beloved despite his parents' prohibition. Unfortunately, the story has an unhappy ending. The duke's father did not accept his son's choice. So one day he lured him out for a conversation. During the young man's absence, the girl was grabbed by his subjects, tied up, and thrown into the river. Later, the young man forgave the head of the family. And in memory of his dead wife, he built a chapel on the estate.

BMW fans are advised to visit the museum of this brand. Once upon a time, there was a factory where airplanes were assembled. After the First World War, the company retrained to produce cars. Retro models and many interesting documents have been preserved here.

As for pubs, we recommend the Hofbräuhaus beer restaurant. It was opened in the early 16th century. And since then, its doors have always been open to visitors. The bar is famous for its size. The largest hall can accommodate more than 4,000 guests. By the way, it has a very flexible pricing policy. Therefore, everyone can try different types of foamy drinks.

Europe's most interesting student cities: where to go for your next vacation

Lausanne, Switzerland

In a small Swiss town, there is only one university with seven faculties. But this did not prevent it from becoming a real student center. About 12 thousand young people study here.

Lausanne is called the Olympic capital of the world. It is here that the headquarters of the committee, federations, and the arbitration court are located. The first settlement appeared here in the fifth century BC, so there are plenty of attractions. Moreover, it's hardly possible to get around them in a few days.

Go to the Polytechnic School. This is a modern art space for students to relax. There are various cafes, a food court, and a library. Japanese architects worked on the project, so the building has a cosmic look.

By the way, the CROCUS research nuclear reactor is located within the walls of the educational institution. Our fellow countrywoman Maryna Viazovska also teaches here. In December 2016, the woman was invited to the position of associate professor, and the following year she was promoted to professor and became the head of the EPFL Department of Number Theory.

Don't miss the Olympic Museum. It features exhibitions dating back to ancient Greece. Visitors will be able to see the famous flame live, as well as to examine in detail historical posters, torches, clothes and equipment from different eras.

Finally, take a walk through the streets of Ouchy. This place used to be a fishing village. Then it was annexed to the city as a port. Later, the castle, built in the XII century, was converted into a hotel and gourmet restaurant. Today, the area is home to many new bars and cafes.

Europe's most interesting student cities: where to go for your next vacation

Travel through uncharted Europe. Visit atypical locations and add to your treasury of memories. Have a nice trip.

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