Drop 10 years in minutes! Secrets of anti-aging makeup for women 40+

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Stars do anti-aging makeup
Stars do anti-aging makeup

Each age category has its own specific care needs, and mature skin is no exception. After the age of 40, the oval of the face can lose its definition and tone.

In addition, a characteristic feature of mature skin is dryness and loss of natural radiance. When creating a makeup that aims to rejuvenate, it is important not to use black and dark shades that scream. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to choose cosmetics for women 40+.


The best foundation will be a product with a light texture that does not leave a mask feeling. Do not use mattifying products, as they can emphasize imperfections and wrinkles. The best choice is a product with light-scattering particles or ingredients that provide a natural glow effect. It will not only hide imperfections, but also give your face a fresh and natural glow. However, this foundation is only suitable for women with dry skin. A thick cream is contraindicated in case of age-related changes.


When creating makeup for women aged 40+, do not forget about blush. Choose fresh shades such as peach, coral, or berry pink. These colors will give a healthy look. Blending blush from the cheekbones to the temples will have a lifting effect that will make the features look more toned.

Blush adds freshness to the face


Avoid using powder too often, and choose a light and fine texture. Apply the product in a very thin layer, using a large fluffy brush for even distribution. Powder takes away the natural glow of the skin, which makes the look fresh and natural.


With age, eyelids lose their elasticity and smoothness. To make wrinkles less noticeable, use shiny eyeshadows with a satin finish or shimmer instead of matte ones. This product adds brightness to the image and neutralizes signs of fatigue. Do not apply the shadow on the lower eyelids, the color pulls them down and the look becomes sad.

The accent on the lips is wonderfully rejuvenating


Women often avoid bright shades in their makeup, but makeup artists believe this is a common mistake, as color helps to make you look younger. The accent on the lips works especially well - choose light variations of red and pink. Dark lipsticks will "take away" the volume, which is already getting smaller with age. It is best to apply lipstick in the color of blush.


Make the tips of the eyebrows more graphic. Lightly shade them inside the contour if they look sparse. Then gently style the hairs with a tinted gel. It will also fix the shape.

Don't forget about lipstick

Liners and black color

Black is considered too "heavy". The rejuvenating effect of makeup is based on the lightness, radiance, and delicacy of color shades. Therefore, it is better to give up black liners and pencils, and replace them with gray or brown.

Minimalism in makeup

You can also overdo it with naturalness. In some cases, natural makeup looks dull. Accents and soft contrasts are important to emphasize the beauty of a woman over 40.

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