Doll-like skin: 3 tips to get the perfect tone without makeup

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Proper care is the key to a fresh look

Smooth skin like a porcelain doll is the dream of many women. Often, this effect can be achieved with makeup, but in fact, proper care will be much more effective here.

And top makeup artists advise not to rely on cosmetics, but to achieve good skin condition from the inside. Then you won't need complicated makeup – your face will look like a doll. OBOZ.UA asked for the main tips on how to effectively achieve this look.

Stimulate collagen production

Collagen protein is the basis of all connective tissues of the body, including the skin. It is responsible for its elasticity and smoothness. The level of collagen in the body begins to decline after the age of 20 and falls at an approximate rate of 1% per year. To increase it, some nutritionists recommend taking collagen supplements. It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as plant collagen. This labeling is an advertising trick. You also need to choose those supplement options that contain hydrolyzed collagen. Only in this form can the human body absorb the substance. Whole protein has too large molecules.

Among natural foods, bell peppers (especially red peppers), tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, salmon, turkey, eggs, and avocados contribute to collagen synthesis. They are also worth adding to your diet because they are generally good and healthy foods that can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Use care products with a milky texture

Although we are used to relying on toners in our facial care, some makeup artists advise replacing them with products that have the texture of milk. Choose products according to your skin type and condition. They are usually well received by the skin and contain more moisturizing ingredients. They are praised for their deep action and effectiveness even during the heating season when we suffer from increased dryness.

Find an SPF with a shimmering effect

Sun protection is a key step in skin care if you want to protect your skin from photoaging and keep it supple and smooth for longer. Dermatologists advise not to leave home without SPF cream. It can also give your skin a porcelain look if you find a product with a shimmering effect. It will give a natural glow and create the illusion of a face illuminated from the inside.

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