Critics from around the world have picked 10 best movies of 2023

The best film is Killers of the Flower Moon

When gathering with friends or family, the question of what movie to watch so that everyone will like it often arises. That's why 158 film critics and journalists took a survey to choose the 10 best films of this year.

The results were summarized by IndieWire. All participants had to vote only for films that were released in theaters and streaming platforms in the United States during the past calendar year. The best movie of 2023 was Killers of the Flower Moon which, by the way, is still available in theaters. The movie was voted for by 94 out of 158 critics.

1. The best film of the year is Killers of the Flower Moon

The story centers on a rather poor guy named Ernest, who decided to get rich by coming to the Ojibwe tribe of India, where oil fields have recently been discovered. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in the lead roles. Perhaps these star actors brought success to the movie. In particular, the screenwriter was Eric Roth, who was the creator of such films as Dune, Forest Gump and A Star Is Born.

A film with an incredible cast and plot

2. The second place - Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer received 69 mentions from film critics. The story revolves around Robert Oppenheimer, an American theoretical physicist, as he creates the first nuclear weapon. Fans of historical and biographical films will definitely find a place in their hearts for Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer took 2nd place in the rating

3. Poor Things is a thrilling movie

This movie was created in the style of Frankenstein. Emma Stone played the role of Bella, a dead woman who drowned because of her abusive husband. But he decided to reanimate Bella by transplanting her brain into a child. The movie is fascinating but quite cruel.

Poor Things was created in the style of Frankenstein

4. The best love story - Past Lives

The plot of this movie is a love triangle that lasts half a lifetime. Greta Lee plays the role of a woman who finds herself in a very real situation: a school friend with whom she is deeply in love disappears, and eventually they resume communication, but her old feelings and new boyfriend do not let her forget about them. The film is the debut of director Celine Song.

Past Lives is the debut film by Celine Song

5. The best screenplay - May, December

A movie about a movie. That's right, because the main character Elizabeth, played by Natalie Portman, travels to Georgia to prepare for her new role in a movie about Gracie Atherton-Yoo, who became famous for her affair with a boy half her age. The film was awarded first place for Best Screenplay by critics, and May, December has already been named one of the main contenders for the Oscars in 2024.

May, December has the best script

6. The Holocaust in The Zone of Interest

This film depicted the Holocaust without showing the genocide itself. The protagonists' house is located next to the German Auschwitz, which tells the story of the Nazis' everyday life. The story is based on the real-life officer and commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss.

The Zone of Interest is a film about the Holocaust

7. The winner of the Cannes Film Festival - Anatomy of a Fall

The plot centers on writer Sandra, who lives with her husband in the Alps, where he dies in a strange way. The court accuses the woman of murder, so to prove her innocence, she has to tell about all her "skeletons in the closet". The film won at the Cannes Film Festival, so it's definitely worth watching.

The winner of the Cannes Film Festival is Anatomy of a Fall

8. Barbie is a pink paradise with non-pink goals

Everyone probably remembers how Barbie competed with Oppenheimer in theaters. But despite its popularity, the movie took only 8th place. The film is about the fact that even the most perfect people can doubt themselves and fail.

Critics from around the world have picked 10 best movies of 2023

9. Christmas movie - The Holdovers

A Christmas movie that has no magic. It's about a ruined Christmas and people who have no one to spend it with.

The Holdovers is about spending Christmas alone

10. Wes Anderson's Asteroid City

An asteroid once hit a city in the middle of the desert. Since then, it has become popular among scientists. During the annual festival, miracles will happen in the town that will turn everything upside down. Director Wes Anderson's style can be seen from the first second of the movie, so it will be a pleasure to watch the film.

Asteroid City is directed by West Anderson

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