Cold recovery and reconstruction: what it is and who needs these hair procedures

What is cold hair recovery and reconstruction for?

In recent years, women have been turning to hair care experts for recovery more and more often as curling irons, temperature, elastic bands, improper care and other chemical procedures severely damage their hair. Cold hair recovery and reconstruction is designed to return a shiny, well-groomed look to your curls.

Hair care specialist Maryna Vasylenko told OBOZ.UA about this procedure in more detail as not everyone needs it. The expert also noted that each type of damage requires an individual recovery method.

Cold recovery and reconstruction: what it is and who needs these hair procedures

What is hair reconstruction and why is it needed

The point of hair reconstruction is to restore and improve the hair structure. This procedure becomes necessary in case of damage, starting with environmental factors and ending with improper care: bleaching, dyeing, keratin, Botox, perming, overheating of hair and other chemical effects and heat treatments.

The main goal of cold reconstruction is to restore hair elasticity, strength, and healthy appearance. The expert names five degrees of damage:

  1. General exhaustion. Symptoms: dryness, brittleness, loss of shine. Causes: frequent heat treatments, exposure to aggressive chemicals, improper choice of care products.
  2. Loss of elasticity. Symptoms: hair becomes less elastic, unruly, split ends appear. Causes: periodic coloring, use of heat tools without protection, lack of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Hair structure disorders. Symptoms: loss of shape and structure, appearance of thin or tangled hair sections. Causes: long-term dyeing, aggressive chemicals, hairdressing effects.
  4. Keratin loss. Symptoms: severe hair breakage and loss along the length, dullness. Causes: intense chemical exposure, aggressive care products, destruction of the keratin structure.
  5. Complete loss of hair health. Symptoms: loss of shine, brittleness along the entire length. Causes: constant use of aggressive chemicals, lack of systemic care.

Recovery or reconstruction

The degree of damage depends on the type of procedure: recovery or reconstruction. Cold recovery is used only for 1-3 degrees of damage because it works only in the surface layers of the hair. To get beautiful and perfect hair, Maryna Vasylenko recommends doing the procedure every 1 to 3 months, depending on the condition of the hair.

However, the reconstruction is performed at 4-5 degrees of damage. Nutrients penetrate all layers of the hair, so it is considered the most effective. It is performed once every six months, provided that the hair is properly cared for at home and maintained with cold restoration every 1 to 2 months.

Cold recovery and reconstruction: what it is and who needs these hair procedures

What tools are used for the procedure

In cold recovery, an ultrasonic cold iron, a thermal cap, and a hairdryer are used. A hot curling iron can be added only if desired to get a more pronounced shine.

The expert added that after cold recovery, hair straightening procedures, such as keratin, Botox, and nanoplastics, can be performed, but it should be understood that such experiments change the structure of the hair and damage it again. In this case, cold recovery works as a basic component that will give the hair more resources, which will allow it to be less damaged.

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