Blooming Europe: top cities to visit this spring

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Holidays in Europe in spring

Flowering is an event that we all look forward to. In Japan, during the cherry blossom season, people even take days off and go to the park in groups to admire the beauty of nature.

But if the Land of the Rising Sun is too far away for you, go to Europe. During this season, it turns into fragrant colorful gardens.

The Netherlands

Every florist dreams of visiting this country. In spring, tulips bloom everywhere, but you can see other plants too. For a riot of colors and aromas, go to the town of Lisse. A flower festival takes place in the Keukenhof Park every third weekend in April. The festival features more than 50 carts decorated with sculptures made of live plants.

If you can't make it to the event, then come in the second half of the season. During this period, about 7 million planted bulbs bloom, creating a colorful natural carpet of hyacinths and crocuses.

And in April, sakura blossoms begin to bloom in Amsterdam. The largest number of them are in the suburb of Amstelveen. There are more than 400 trees there, donated by the Japanese Women's Club. Here you can not only admire the beauty but also organize picnics and, of course, photo shoots.

In the capital, you should also visit Josef Israëlskade Street, Museum Square, and Westerpark, where many cherry trees have been planted, which will make a great backdrop for your photos.

Blooming Europe: top cities to visit this spring


From the end of March to the beginning of April, Paris is in sakura season. The best place to admire them is in the Jardin des Plantes, a botanical garden that has existed since the 17th century. It is very popular among tourists and locals alike. So the best places for a picnic should be booked in advance.

There are also pink trees near the Louvre, in the iconic Tuileries Park. Be sure visit the Petit Palais and Trocadero gardens. The latter location offers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.


Spring is the best time to travel to Adalusia, the most picturesque corner of the country. In the first two weeks of May, the province of Cordoba hosts a festival in Spanish patios. Locals decorate their homes with small flowerpots with plants, competing to see who can make the most beautiful. In addition, according to the rules of participation, the patio must have a fountain or other source of water, mosaics and many, many fresh flowers. Everyone can see it.

In the city of Cadiz, take a walk in the Grazalema Park, where whole fields of wild orchids, peonies, marigolds, daffodils and snowdrops grow.

Blooming Europe: top cities to visit this spring


If cherry blossoms and tulips are no longer enough to surprise you and you want something unusual, then go here.

May is the right time to visit Tuscany. During this period, bright red poppies bloom here among olive groves and along country roads.

And in Rome, be sure to find the Ninfa Garden to see the hazelnut, bamboo, banana, cypress, and hybrid musk roses blooming. Where else can you see such a combination?


This country takes sakura blossoms more seriously than any other in the European Union. Copenhagen even organizes a two-day festival in the Japanese style.

This year it will be held in Langelinie Park. About 200 powder pink trees are planted here. Entrance to the event is free. Here you can also enjoy a tea ceremony, taste sushi, moti and other dishes, and take part in master classes.

Blooming Europe: top cities to visit this spring


This country has a special relationship with Japan. In 1998, the Land of the Rising Sun presented King Carl XVI Gustaf with several botanical plants. They were placed in the Kungstradgarden Park, which becomes the center of the cherry blossom festival every April.

The festival, like its Danish neighbors, also features a fair with delicacies and themed events, including martial arts demonstrations.

Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most accessible capitals in Europe all year round, and in spring it is also one of the most beautiful. Cherry blossoms can be seen in many parts of the city.

First, climb the Petřín Hill, planted with white and pink trees. Go down to the bottom, closer to the Vltava River, and then go to Kampa Island. It will delight you with a riot of cherries and wlld cherries.

The most popular place to admire sakura is Prague Castle. The castle is surrounded by gardens full of flowering botanicals.

And if you have time, stop by Karlovy Vary. In addition to the beautiful architecture and thermal springs, in spring you can also watch the rain of white and pink petals.

Blooming Europe: top cities to visit this spring


If your vacation falls only at the end of May, don't be upset and go to Edinburgh. Since it's cooler here than in most of Europe, the flowering starts later.

First, visit Meadows Park, the paths of which are lined with cherry trees. By the way, it offers a great view of Arthur's Seat.

Then head to the Kyoto Friendship Garden. The most authentic sakura in all of Scotland grows here. And to be honest, even in the whole of the UK! The Japanese city is Edinburgh's twin city, so it donated one of its symbols as a sign of good relations. The park is located on the territory of Lauriston Castle.

Blooming Europe is already waiting for tourists. We have provided many options for your next trip. And where to go is up to you.

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