Bloom magnificently with renewed vigor: when and how to transplant lilies

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Graceful and fragrant lilies are quite unpretentious plants. They can bloom magnificently in one place for 5-6 years, after which it is worth replanting and dividing the bulbs. Sometimes it happens that the flowers begin to shrink – there are fewer buds, and many thin pedicels grow instead. This means that the plants have become cramped, they lack nutrition and air circulation.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to restore the lilies' splendor and when to take care of transplanting them. It is important to choose the right time.

When to transplant lilies

Lilies are transplanted in late summer and early fall. At least a month must pass after flowering.

When the flowers have faded, cut off the tops of the pedicels. The main part of the stem with leaves should remain. It is the leaves that are involved in the renewal and nutrition of the bulb after flowering.

The time of transplantation can also be determined by external signs. If the leaves turn yellow and dry, the flower goes into a dormant state and can be transplanted. Lilies that were transplanted too late will germinate and bloom late as well.

How to transplant lilies

  1. Dig up a nest of bulbs, separate them, and sort them by size.
  2. You can cut the stems off the bulbs, but not too short.
  3. If the bulbs are healthy and free of blemishes, they can be planted in a new location immediately. If there are brown spots and signs of decay, the bulbs should be soaked for 15-20 minutes in a solution with a preparation with potassium permanganate. Dry the bulbs in a dark place for about a week, and then start planting them.
  4. Make deep holes or furrows. Experts advise planting lilies in groups, depending on the variety, placing the bulbs at a distance of 15-20 cm.
  5. Lilies do not like wetlands. Make sure that the soil does not stagnate. The soil should be dug to a depth of 30-40 cm, taking into account the depth of planting and the location of the bulb roots.

How to fertilize lilies

Humus, peat, and sand are suitable for lilies – they should be added to the soil when digging. A complex fertilizer will also be useful – superphosphate (100 g per square meter) and potassium sulfate (50 g per square meter).

After high-quality soil preparation, there is no need to additionally feed lilies for the first two years.

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