Anti-aging effect: makeup life hacks that really work on 40+ skin

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Makeup for mature skin. Source: Created with the help of AI

Age is just a number, but it often reminds us how quickly time flies. Over the years, many things change, such as our outlook on life, habits, and the way our skin looks.

It is not surprising that the makeup methods that worked for us in our 20s and 30s no longer work after 40. That's why Womans World has shared 5 beauty life hacks that every mature woman should try.


It is not easy to draw clear and large arrows on mature and wrinkled skin. There is a high probability that they will smudge, crack, and look dirty. That's why makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty Rose-Marie Swift shared her eyeliner trick in a video on her brand's YouTube channel.

First, apply a black pencil to the upper lash line and then to the outer corners of your eyes. Then, use two of your fingers to blend the pencil upward toward your temples. This should visually open your eyes and pull them up.


As a rule, all women apply highlighter as the final stage of makeup. However, beauty YouTuber Angela Machel applies this product to the cheekbones before covering the skin with foundation.

This is a technique called "highlighting". It creates the illusion that the skin shines from the inside. This makes the highlighter look natural,


Usually, women apply blush in circular motions only to the apples of their cheeks, forgetting that it can significantly correct the shape of the face.

If you start applying blush to the side of the cheeks and stretch it up to the temples, like the YouTube channel TheBeautyProtocole, you will instantly see how younger you look in seconds.


This method from makeup artist and teacher Erica Taylor helps lips to instantly gain a voluminous look.

First, emphasize the lips slightly beyond their natural contour with a pencil that is slightly darker than the natural color of your lips. But do not paint the corners. Then apply a sheer gloss and gently blend the outline with your finger.

Eye shadow

To visually enlarge and open your eyes, use Becky Lovrick's eyeshadow application.

Never apply shiny products to the hood of the eyelids, i.e. to the area under the eyes, and do not emphasize the lower and upper lid lines with dark colors. All this will visually distort the face and add years.

Instead, apply a light-colored shimmering eye shadow to the eyelid area just above the upper lash line. This will open your eyes and emphasize the color of your eyes.

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