All successfully intercepted: not a single "Dagger" has reached Kyiv since May 2023

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Since May 2023, not a single "Dagger" has reached Kyiv
Not a single "Dagger" has reached Kyiv since May 2023

Since the beginning of May 2023, after Ukraine received the Patriot air defense system, all Russian "Daggers" used by the terrorist country to fire at Kyiv have been intercepted. In total, more than 20 such ballistic missiles were shot down.

This was stated by the commander of the 96th anti-aircraft missile brigade, Colonel Serhiy Yaremenko of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrinform reports. Ukrainians were once again urged not to ignore air raid alerts.

"When we are working against ballistics, it does not matter to us whether it is a Kinzhal X-47M, or Iskander-M, or 48N (a missile using S-400), or Zircon launched from the Bastion missile system. For us, this is primarily a ballistic target," Yaremenko emphasized.

He added that after the shelling, analysts and experts identify the type of air target based on certain characteristics and search for debris.

"I will say one thing: all the "Daggers" that have been launched at the capital of Ukraine since it was announced that the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was put on combat duty have been successfully intercepted. Not a single ballistic target since the beginning of May 2023 has reached its target within the capital of our country. More than 20 Daggers were launched at Kyiv and all of them were successfully intercepted," Yaremenko said.

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