A real growth stimulant: how to make nettle fertilizer at home

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Nettle fertilizer recipe. Source: Created with the help of AI

Nettle is not a weed but rather a useful plant rich in microelements. It can be used to make not only borscht but also an excellent fertilizer for almost all crops.

Nettle fertilizer is not only effective but also safe for humans, animals, and other plants. The Fazenda publication told us how to prepare it.

The benefits of using nettle fertilizer:

  • Growth. Nettle fertilizer stimulates the growth of the above-ground part of plants;
  • Soil. Nettles contain many organic substances that improve soil structure, make it more loose and permeable;
  • Yield. Using nettle fertilizer can help you get a more abundant and beautiful harvest;
  • Flowering. Ornamental plants have a longer flowering period thanks to nettle;
  • Ecology. Nettle fertilizer is completely environmentally friendly and safe for people.

Classic nettle fertilizer

To prepare a classic nettle fertilizer, first chop the plant, then put it in a plastic or wooden container, and cover it with hot spring or settled water.

Cover the mixture and leave it to infuse in a warm place for 10-14 days.

The tincture will release foam at first and this is normal. You can use it as a fertilizer after the foam disappears and the liquid darkens.

The working solution should have a 20% concentration.

Nettle and yeast

Yeast can be added to the classic fertilizer to speed up plant growth and fruit ripening.

Dissolve 100 grams of sugar in warm water and add 100 grams of pressed yeast. Then add 2 liters of water, chopped nettle, and yeast to a plastic bucket and leave the solution to infuse for a maximum of a week.

Before use, strain the tincture and add water to it so that the total amount of liquid is 10 liters.

Nettle and other plants

Nettles can also be combined with other plants, such as dandelion, yarrow, chamomile, and others that do not contain toxic substances.

To prepare the fertilizer, chop the plants in equal amounts, pour hot water over them so that it covers the greens completely and leave the mixture in a warm place for 10-14 days, stirring occasionally.

The working solution should have a 10% concentration. You can water it with an interval of 10-14 days.

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