Zamioculcas will shine: the best home fertilizer for indoor flowers

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How to fertilize indoor plants

Zamioculcas is a fairly unpretentious plant, but it is better to take care of fertilizing during the cold season. It is important that the flowerpot is not exposed to drafts or is in places with high humidity.

In winter, the leaves often begin to fade and lose their luster. Zamioculcas needs periodic fertilization, and an effective home fertilizer will do the job perfectly. Kobieta Interia has told us about the best fertilizer suitable for improving the health of flowers.

Rules of care

Zamioculcas is a very easy plant to grow. It is quite durable, and even inexperienced florists will cope with the task perfectly. Zamioculcas is resistant to diseases and pests and can easily survive even a temporary drought in a pot.

However, it is worth fertilizing the plant from time to time. A cheap homemade fertilizer will come in handy.

The most important thing is to take care of the right soil. Zamioculcas needs a high-quality substrate rich in nutrients. The soil should be light and permeable. To help the plant grow new shoots, you need to provide proper fertilization. Zamioculcas needs to be saturated with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Garlic fertilizer

Garlic mixture for zamioculcas is very easy to prepare. You only need two ingredients: boiled water and three cloves of garlic.

  • Press the garlic (you can also chop it finely).
  • Pour a liter of chilled and boiled water into a container and add the chopped garlic.
  • Leave the fertilizer covered for several hours.

Water the plant with garlic fertilizer about once a month.

Coffee fertilizer

Coffee grounds will also come in handy. Simply add two tablespoons of coffee to a glass of water, stir and water the plant. Use chilled water.

There is an easier option: you can sprinkle the coffee grounds directly on the ground in a pot. Coffee can also be added to the soil when transplanting the plant.

Nettle tincture will also strengthen the zamioculcas. Soak dried or fresh nettles in hot water, wait for the tincture to cool, and water the zamioculcas. The plant will quickly sprout new young leaves.

These fertilizers are rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium. A high concentration of nitrogen will have a beneficial effect on dull leaves.

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