You don't have to water for a month: the most hardy indoor flowers

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Indoor plants

Plants not only decorate the interior of your home, but also remove harmful toxins from the air. You shouldn't give up on houseplants solely because you don't have time to care for them. There are many hardy plants that can be left unwatered for a month without wilting.

The secret to their hardiness is simple: they accumulate moisture, so they can survive in arid conditions for a long time. Which plants are unpretentious and do not require careful maintenance - read the OBOZ.UA article.


Sansevieria is a very tenacious plant. Even if it stands without water in diffused light for almost a month, it will not fade. Of course, then you should compensate for the lack of care with moderate moisture. Sansevieria quickly returns to normal after unfavorable periods. The shape and color of the leaves will quickly recover.

Bokarnea (nolina)

Bokarnea is popularly called "horse's tail" because of the thin curved leaves scattered along the trunk. Most often, the plant is used for landscaping office or commercial premises. Bokarnea is not at all demanding. The bulb at the base accumulates moisture, so this houseplant can be left without watering for a long time - and it will not fade.


Chlorophytum is extremely useful because it purifies the air from formaldehyde. This plant is able to accumulate moisture in its root system, so temporary drought will not be traumatic for it. If you are planning to go on vacation for a few weeks, for example, just put the chlorophytum in the bathtub.

Rubber tree


Experts say that in winter, this type of ficus can be left without watering for as long as a month. Ficuses can easily tolerate drought. However, if you know that you will not be able to care for the ficus for a long time, wipe its leaves in advance, water it moderately and place it in a corner where the direct sun will not fall on it.


In their natural environment, succulents live in the desert, so they are accustomed to long dry periods. Succulents have special cells for storing water that help them survive in dry conditions.


Zamioculcas is one of the most unpretentious indoor plants. It does not tolerate waterlogging, and a slight drought will even be beneficial. Zamioculcas grows well in dark, cool conditions.


Caring for the plant is simple: if you are going somewhere even for a few weeks, you should simply remove the container with the flower away from direct sunlight, wipe the leaves and water the substrate. In general, aspidistra will grow in rooms with central heating near a radiator, and in drafts. This plant is resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Hoya carnosa

This plant is also called wax ivy. Hoya accumulates moisture in its thick and shiny waxy leaves. With the beginning of flowering, the need for water increases, but in other periods, the hoya can exist without watering for even several months.

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