Will bloom for long: where to put orchids in the apartment

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Tips for growing orchids

Orchids are known primarily for their graceful beauty. However, experts say that they are one of the most demanding indoor plants. They instantly react to drafts, temperature fluctuations, or changes in humidity.

Orchids need to be provided with conditions that mimic their natural habitat. The Express magazine told us where to put a container with a plant so that the flowers bloom continuously.

Millie Durbak, brand manager of Prestige Flowers, emphasized that there is a place in the house that is ideal for orchids. You may be surprised but the expert advises placing a flower in the bathroom.

Will bloom for long: where to put orchids in the apartment

"The bathroom is an ideal place for orchids due to the higher humidity and low light. These factors mirror the natural environment of wild orchids, creating the perfect balance for optimal growth," Millie says.

An important caveat: these tips only make sense if you have a window in your bathroom. Orchids need access to sunlight. In most modern apartments, the bathroom is usually stirred in dark interior rooms, where any plant will die.

Orchids, especially the Phalaenopsis variety, are excellent at purifying the air from harmful substances. The plants will not only improve aesthetics but also contribute to a healthier environment and fresher air.

Millie added that orchids act as natural deodorizers, making them a great choice for the kitchen, "The flowers not only mask unwanted odors but also replace them with a delicate floral scent. An orchid is a natural air purifier."

Since orchids need indirect light, it is better to place the container near a window with diffused sunlight.

If the bathroom is not suitable, the living room can be a great alternative. You should regularly rotate the pot for even lighting from all sides. Florists also advise cutting off yellowing leaves to stimulate new growth.

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