Why you shouldn't pluck lilacs: consequences you didn't even know about

Biologists gave some recommendations on how to make lilac bouquets correctly

Lilac season is in full swing, and many people want to decorate their homes with a bouquet of fragrant flowers. But in fact, the cutting of inflorescences can harm the bush. In addition, folk omens say that this is not the best idea.

OBOZREVATEL investigated the reasons why you can not cut the lilacs. And what people say about it.

What do biologists say

The common myth that the more you prick the lilac bush, the better it will bloom next year, is nothing more than a misconception. In fact, it can cause great harm to the bush.

In particular, the wounds on the severed branches can trap moisture, pests or infection. In the worst case, this can kill the entire plant. And in place of a healthy adult bush, you will need to plant a new one that will take a long time to grow to adulthood.

If you really want to cut the bouquet, you should do it with the slightest harm to the plant. Do not break off the branches, but cut with a sharp pruner. And choose only the thinner side shoots, not the main branches.

Omens about severed lilacs

On the one hand, fragrant inflorescences are considered a talisman against evil forces, which not only decorate the house, but also scare away evil spirits. On the other hand, there are omens with the opposite meaning.

In particular, white lilacs are prohibited. It is believed that it can "expel" a person from his home and attract trouble and disease. It is also considered responsible for quarrels between the inhabitants of the house. And separately it can be dangerous for young girls, because it is said to scare away grooms from them.

The most favorable folk omens refer to dried inflorescences. If you have a good mood, it is necessary to use it as an amulet for a person with a bad mood.

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