Five good reasons not to pierce your child's ears

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A child can be injured by an earring and even swallow it

Ear piercing is the most common type of piercing. Many women and many men have it. Some parents even rush to pierce their children's ears at a very early age.

But, according to 5 Minute Craft, this may not be a good idea. Doctors give at least five reasons why it is better to postpone the procedure until the child is older.

Piercing can cause infection

Even if you take good care of your child's ears, tight earrings or improperly sterilized equipment can cause an infection. And a child who doesn't speak yet won't be able to explain to you that something is wrong with them. You'll have to carefully monitor whether redness and swelling appear at the piercing site. So, it's best to postpone a trip to the piercing salon at least until your child's immune system is stronger and he or she can speak well.

Earrings can cause allergies

An allergic reaction can occur even to gold and nickel, which are widely used in the production of ear jewelry. Babies have no experience wearing earrings, so it's hard to tell if they are allergic to these components. Babies' skin can react to these metals with swelling and redness.

A child can be injured by an earring

If you do decide to pierce your child's ears at a very young age, take good care of your hand hygiene before you touch piercing site. It is better not to touch it unnecessarily. Unfortunately, you cannot demand the same from a young child. This means that she may accidentally pull or tug on the earring and get hurt or even take the jewelry off and swallow it, putting themselves at risk of choking on an inedible object. Is it worth the risk? It's up to you to decide.

No jewelry with hanging elements

If you do decide to pierce your child, under no circumstances should you choose earrings with hanging elements. Even the smallest ones. They can catch on clothes or bedding, and you can catch on them when you bend over the child. And, again, the child can easily pull off such an element. Therefore, opt for studs only, there can be no other choice.

A child may be against your choice when he or she grows up

Everything that happens to a person's body must be done with their consent. This is an axiom that is as relevant for babies as it is for adults. You cannot guarantee that your child will not decide that he or she does not need such a piercing when he or she grows up. Therefore, postpone this issue until the child is able to formulate his or her own wishes.

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