Why you shouldn't give flowers in pots: omens you didn't know about

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It's not advisable to gift a plant if you're not sure the person will be happy with such a gift

Potted flowers are considered a good gift and a long-lasting alternative to a bouquet that will fade in a few days. But folk signs say that this is not the case. At least, not every plant will be useful to its owner.

OBOZREVATEL asked about the signs associated with giving a flowerpot. He tells us what can go wrong with such a gift.

Why you shouldn't give flowerpots as gifts

Many indoor plants are energy vampires. So with such a flower, you can bring additional trouble to a person. Therefore, you need to choose the option very carefully.

Also, a new plant, even with positive energy, may not take root in a new home. If it starts to get sick and dry out, it will bring down the owner as well. Another belief related to plant energy says that a person can pass on their negativity to the new owner through a gift.

A separate superstition concerns the gift of indoor flowers to people who are ill. Such a gift is equated with a wish for the sick person to "grow into the ground" like a flower, i.e. to die.

The superstition also refers to the fact that the pot contains damp earth, which is associated with death. So, this is another reason to consider such a gift inappropriate.

What good can such a gift bring

On the contrary, if you choose the right gift, it is believed that the plant received in this way can become a real amulet for the home. It will protect those who live in it and give them additional vitality.

Also, the wilting of a gifted plant is associated with the fact that it supposedly takes away all the negativity from its owner. At the cost of his life, it purifies his fate.

Who can give indoor flowers to

Of course, people who are not prone to superstition will treat a gift of a fresh flower without hesitation. Your loved ones who are engaged in the cultivation of indoor plants will also be happy to receive such a gift. In this case, find out in advance what they are missing from their collection and present it for the holiday - such a present will bring a person great joy.

If a houseplant was given to you and you are afraid that it will bring you bad luck, there is a way to make such a gift safer. Just give a small amount of money for it. Energetically, this will be considered a purchase, not a gift, and will no longer be dangerous.

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