Why you shouldn't get up on the left foot in the morning: where does the superstition come from and what is the point

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What does it mean to "get up on the wrong foot"

Everyone knows that you can "get up on the wrong foot" in the morning. This phraseology does not carry any positive connotations and means that everything goes wrong during the day, nothing works out, and the person is in a bad mood because of continuous failures. According to legend, there has long been a tradition of placing a bed against the wall so that when you get out of it, you touch the floor with your right foot first.

There are many theories that confirm the significance of this ancient superstition. According to one of them, the human body is surrounded by two magnetic fields. One moves from head to toe, and the other, on the contrary, from bottom to top. That is, if you wake up and get up on the right foot, you can increase the effect of the magnetic field. This will lead to an increase in energy flow, and the person will feel lively, confident, cheerful, and full of energy. The day will be stress-free thanks to greater concentration and attentiveness.

How to get out of bed correctly

From a biological point of view, the explanation is simple. Everyone has a dominant part of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for the right half, and the right hemisphere is responsible for the left. And after sleep, the part of the brain that is dominant always wakes up first. It is very easy to determine. If you are right-handed, you should get up with your right foot. This way, the body will "start" correctly.

Experts have developed certain rules for getting out of bed. It's not about beliefs and superstitions, but about anatomical features. It is important to get up carefully so as not to injure your back, neck, or other parts of the body.

Climb slowly. Don't jump up and run as soon as you open your eyes. Stretch to finally wake up. You can even check social media.

After that, it is advised to sit on the bed for a few minutes and stand up, leaning on it with your hands, as if pushing your body.

Do not create unnecessary pressure and do not put too much strain on your neck and spine.

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