Why you can't squeeze the tea bags after brewing: it will ruin the highest quality drink

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It is important to know how to brew different kinds of tea correctly

The invention of disposable tea bags greatly simplified life for lovers of the fragrant drink. Since then, the need to keep and care for a large number of brewing utensils has disappeared, and waste disposal has become much easier. But lovers of strong tea have a new rather bad habit. It is for them that we tell you why you should not squeeze a tea bag into a cup.

As writes the publication Sante Plus, squeezing the bag is usually used to get rid of excess water so as not to leave tea stains on surfaces (tables, countertops), as well as to make the drink stronger. But this can be detrimental to the taste.

Tea leaves are known to contain many polyphenols, particularly catechins. They are powerful antioxidants and protect the body from inflammation, help reduce weight, and may even reduce the risk of cancer. Also in this group is the tannin, which is also found in a lot of teas. It is this substance that gives the drink its tart taste.

If you squeeze a tea bag into a cup, the level of theotannin will spike, which will affect the balance of taste. The tea will become tart and even bitter or sour. This may also signal that the concentration of the substance has become too high and will not be helpful.

In order to brew tea correctly, getting from it all the useful substances and ensuring a perfect taste, you need to know the water at what temperature to pour the leaves or bag and how long to brew. These figures are different for different varieties:

  • green tea - 70 degrees and 3 minutes;
  • black tea - 90-95 degrees and 4 minutes;
  • white tea - 85 degrees and 7-20 minutes;
  • oolong - 85 degrees and 5 minutes;
  • rooibos - 90-95 degrees and 5 minutes.

After the drink is infused, it is better to throw the bag away and enjoy the balanced taste of your favorite tea.

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