Why the refrigerator is not cooling: the most common reasons

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Why the refrigerator stops cooling

The efficiency of a refrigerator decreases when it is overcrowded. Utilizing every square centimeter of free space restricts the free flow of air and prevents the compressor from working properly.

Experts advise placing food so that it does not touch the walls of the appliance and does not cover visible grilles or openings. Porady Interia has more information about the reasons for the decrease in refrigerator efficiency.

The refrigerator may stop cooling due to blocked ventilation. One of the most common mistakes is placing the appliance incorrectly - the refrigerator should never be positioned directly against the wall. If you notice a significant drop in cooling levels, try moving the refrigerator a bit; the distance between it and the wall should be about 10 centimeters.

It's better not to position the refrigerator directly next to a radiator, oven, or other appliances that generate a lot of heat. Ensuring effective ventilation will protect the equipment from breakdowns.

A decrease in the efficiency of the device often occurs due to the condenser being contaminated. The proper operation of the entire cooling system depends to a large extent on its good condition. Experts recommend cleaning the condenser once a month, as dust and dirt quickly accumulate on it. For regular cleaning, it is enough to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush tip. Remember to disconnect the device from the power source beforehand. Always vacuum from top to bottom. Finally, wipe the condenser with a soft, dry cloth.

Also, ensure that the food on the shelves does not block the door from closing. Regularly check the condition of the seals. To do this, place your hand against the door after closing the refrigerator. If you feel cold, it's a clear sign that the seals need to be replaced.

Why the refrigerator is not cooling: the most common reasons

By the way, it's important to set the right temperature in the refrigerator. It's been proven that temperatures above 4°C cause milk, eggs, and meat to spoil. And too low a temperature actually imitates the temperature of the freezer, which is just as harmful to nutritional properties. Read the article to find out if the temperature in the refrigerator is correct.

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