Why the power hour method can change lives: how it works

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Do you have a project that you haven't been able to start for a long time? A power hour will help you

Staying productive in today's environment is very difficult. The multitasking that the world demands of us literally knocks us down and leaves us unable to focus on one thing well. As a result, we often drown in the maelstrom of numerous daily tasks and cannot devote time to any large and important projects.

The American entrepreneur and writer Adrienne Herbert suggested a way to overcome this problem. She wrote a book called The Power Hour: How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love, in which she described her methodology, which she called the "power hour."

What is the power hour?

At its core, a power hour is a clearly defined period of time that you devote to focused work on something specific. As a rule, it is exactly 60 minutes. And Herbert insists that it should be the first hour of your day. Although you can adjust it to your schedule, the rule is not so strict, and different people have different peaks of activity at different times of the day. And this should also be taken into account.

How to determine your power hour?

To choose the right hour, use productivity tracker apps and keep a diary in which you record when your activity was at its peak and when it was falling. Soon you will see the moment when you are ready and able to do the most.

Try to build a power hour into your schedule so that you can freely shift its beginning and end by at least 30 minutes in any direction. You will need this in case of unforeseen circumstances. And it will allow you not to lose precious time of high productivity.

How to use the power hour correctly?

All your loved ones should clearly know that this time belongs only to you and you devote it exclusively to your work. Therefore, warn your colleagues, friends, and family that you are not to be disturbed at this time. Also mark this time in your public calendar as busy.

During this period, minimize anything that might distract you. If you can turn off your phone, do so. At least temporarily limit the delivery of notifications. Close all programs and browser tabs that may take up your attention. Turn on a timer that will notify you when your power hour is over, and don't even look at your watch until that signal.

Depending on how you normally work, it may take some time to get used to the power hour. It will be especially difficult for those who are used to multitasking, being distracted a lot, or losing concentration easily. However, you will gradually learn to make the most of these 60 minutes.

What can I do during my power hour?

In fact, anything that you consider important and that you constantly fail to fit into your schedule. It can be writing a book or cleaning, working on documents, or even sports if your body needs movement so much that it's starting to let you down. These tasks can be changed depending on your needs. The two main factors are focus and regularity. They will help you to increase your productivity and succeed in your chosen tasks.

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