Why is it advised to stir jam with a wooden spoon and how it affects the taste: we explain

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Why jam is brewed with a wooden spoon

In order to cook delicious homemade jam, which will have a homogeneous consistency and will not darken, you need to clearly observe the proportions and the chosen recipe.

It is not uncommon to hear from experienced hostesses that jam should be stirred only with a wooden spoon. FoodOboz editorial staff, based on the collected information, will tell you why to do so and why it is important.

Why jam is made with a wooden spoon


Consequently, the explanation of such a great idea is very simple and logical. The fact is that wood is a natural material. Therefore, when cooking jam at high temperature, you can be sure that it will not change taste and color, the wood will absorb all the bacteria that may form, and nothing bad and harmful will happen to the dessert.

Why it is better not to cook jam with metal spoons


Instead, the metal that metal spoons are made of reacts with the fruit acids and changes the overall taste of the jam.

How to make jam so it lasts longer

Make sure that the glassware in which you are going to cook the jam is clean, and that the container is sterilized with hot water. Before closing the jar with a lid, put a paper soaked in oil or wax on top - such a life hack will help your jam to last longer.

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