Who will be lucky at every turn: horoscope for March 7

Aries, Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius, and Cancer are going to have a good day today

The day of March 7 promises to be joyful and full of surprises. Today is the day to throw parties, buy beautiful clothes, go on dates, and make marriage proposals. Jupiter in Taurus brings the fulfillment of heartfelt desires.

Astrologers promise that this day will be especially successful for five signs. Keep reading to find out if yours is on the list.


The energy of the day has a strong influence on you. You are strongly encouraged to start implementing your ideas right now. Don't let skeptics spoil your plans when the universe is completely on your side. If you feel the need, prepare something special for yourself that evening. For example, a sweet dessert. Do everything solely to satisfy your soul. It's great if it makes your loved ones happy too.


Rest, relax and allow yourself to enjoy simple pleasures. You're about to embark on a long journey, so an extra boost of energy will come in handy right now. Just enjoy the beauty of the world. If you feel the need, let your inner artist out. Choose an art form according to your desires and talents. Let your heart guide you.


People want to avoid taking responsibility for the mistakes they've made towards you - this day won't let them. Today, something that someone else did wrong will be corrected. Also take responsibility and correct your own mistakes. And don't forget to make time for fun and entertainment. Life doesn't have to be gloomy just because important things are happening behind the scenes. So, live life to the fullest.


Ideas will come to life today as if by magic. Are you ready to let your life turn into something extraordinary? If you feel insecure or afraid, don't worry. You know how to embrace your alternative side and challenge empty conventions. Rely on the universe and you will succeed. You are also advised to have fun tonight - with friends outside the home. Do what feels right.


The energy of your day is associated with the celebration of life, its rapid flow. Even if this is not the case for everyone else, it is the case for you. So open up and receive your cosmic blessings. You deserve them one hundred percent. If you are good at creating material objects like beautiful clothes, paintings, dishes, postcards, etc., start a new project today. Even just think about its details. What you end up with will be a pure expression of love.

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