Which dogs are well-suited for a warm climate: five breeds

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Chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds, and Australian Cattle Dogs come from hot regions

Hot summers can be difficult not only for humans. Dogs, most of which are covered with thick fur, also suffer in the heat. Here, we told you how to help your friend endure extremely high temperatures.

But some breeds tolerate hot days well. They don't get heat stroke as easily and remain active even in the sunniest weather. The Study Finds publication told us about five such breeds.


Despite their small size and short muzzle, which means less efficient thermoregulation of the air they inhale, Chihuahuas are well adapted to high temperatures. Their erect ears, thin coat without an undercoat, and their origin in Mexico, which is not the coolest country, make them less sensitive to heat. Moreover, they love to bask in the sun and interact with humans, even when it is 30 degrees or more outside.

These tiny dogs have a kind heart. They have a vigilant but sensitive nature, love affection, and are always ready to socialize. Because of their size, they are somewhat shy, so they can be aggressive. This problem is solved through timely socialization of the puppy.

Australian Cattleman

The breed, genetically related to wild dingoes, comes from hot Australia. They were bred there to graze cattle, so the animal is hardy and adapted for long work in any weather conditions. Including in extreme heat. Therefore, Australians will be great partners for summer walks and even jogging.

The Australian cattleman has a small, strong body that can withstand quite a lot of stress. They are energetic, alert, playful, and attentive. The breed is highly valued for its good health and balanced psyche. Australians make excellent active companions.


Bred in Germany, these dogs are eager to spend time outside in any weather. Their short hair, lean build, and long muzzle make it easier for them to withstand the heat. The breed was originally created for hunting, so it is very active in all weather conditions and may not be suitable for those who like quiet walks.

Kurzhaars love attention and lavish it on their people. This makes them wonderful family pets. But at the same time, the breed needs a lot of exercise - long active walks, training, swimming in water and tracking other animals. The weather does not matter to them.


These graceful and long-legged creatures do not tolerate heat, but rather cold. Therefore, they are best kept by those who live in warm climates. The thin coat and long, lean, long body, practically devoid of fat, make Italian Greyhounds not too sensitive to high temperatures. However, veterinarians still advise to limit the activity of these dogs in extreme heat to prevent them from developing heat stroke. And in the cold, they should be dressed in sweaters and jackets to avoid hypothermia.

In general, this is a very sociable breed that likes to be around regardless of what their people are doing. When going for walks, the favorite pastime of the Levrettes is to run. And they are able to develop a very high speed. Representatives of the breed are often very mischievous, but they are very intelligent and easy to train.

Ivytsky Greyhound

The hounds bred in Spain are excellent rabbit hunters and are ready to track them in the hottest weather. Even if these dogs are not used for their intended purpose, they still need a lot of activity and will not feel sluggish even in extreme temperatures. Nature has given them several features that allow them not to overheat - short hair, a graceful build, and large ears.

They are affectionate and gentle with their families, although they tend to be independent. They also adapt well to life in a city apartment. However, they still need active walks and games every day. Their natural tendency to hunt can make them aggressive toward cats and other small animals, so introduce them to other pets with caution. But Ivytsky Greyhounds are great with children.

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