Which dog breeds are the smartest: list and photos

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From the miniature Papillon to the giant Rottweiler - intelligence is demonstrated by very different breeds

The debate over who is smarter - dogs or cats - will probably go on forever. In fact, both are intelligent, but their intelligence is just sharpened for different tasks. For example, dogs are great at understanding people and following commands.

If you are looking for a breed that would be most successful in this regard, Pets WebMD has compiled the top ten most trainable dogs. The rating is based on the book "The Intelligence of the Dog" by neuropsychologist Stanley Coren. He and more than two hundred training experts from the American Kennel Club analysed 110 breeds. Representatives of the top 10 learnt commands in less than five repetitions and performed them 95% of the time or more.

Border Collie


Chaser was a representative of this breed, a dog that managed to learn 1,022 human words. Approximately the same vocabulary is enough to speak a foreign language for the first time. Border Collie is a workaholic. It is an excellent shepherd for sheep. It can also be a guide, watchdog, nanny, and participate in sports competitions. It is a versatile animal with a great character.



Poodles are exceptionally intelligent dogs that can do everything from truffle retrieval to water rescue. The tasks they are assigned often depend on their size, as poodles range from very large to tiny. They are also one of the most hypoallergenic breeds.

German Shepherd


The legendary intelligence of this herding dog has made it one of the most popular breeds in the world. The breed is valued for its optimal combination of intelligence, athleticism, calm temperament and size. "Germans can be shepherds, which is what they were bred for, show dogs, police dogs, and family companions. And even film stars, like the pioneer in this field, Rin Tin Tin.

Golden Retriever


This dog's favourite pastime is pleasing its human. They were bred to participate in hunting, but later they proved to be good service dogs, rescue dogs, and guide dogs. The Golden Retriever thoroughly learns its human and adapts to its needs. Although it can be a bit naughty, of course.

Doberman Pinscher


This breed is the standard of physical fitness when it comes to dogs. Dobermans are also ideal security guards. They clearly learn where the territory under their supervision is located and make sure that no uninvited guest enters it. That is why they are often involved in military and police missions. At the same time, they are very sociable and affectionate with people they consider their own.

Shetland Sheepdog


Sheltie is essentially a miniature collie with a higher level of intelligence and better working qualities. It does not herd the flock as much as it manages it. The dog is able to run a long distance in a day and make sure that everything is in order in every corner. At the same time, it is a great companion for people, especially for small children.

Labrador Retriever


The first task of these dogs was to jump from fishing boats and catch fish shot with a harpoon. So fun is the middle name of Labrador Retrievers. They are very sociable and affectionate. At the same time, they understand perfectly well what their owners require of them. That is why this breed is very popular.

Continental Toy Spaniel, aka Papillon


The smallest participant in the rating. Living proof that intelligence does not always depend on brain size. A Papillon is a bundle of happiness, but at the same time, it understands perfectly well where the boundaries are that cannot be crossed in games. They are great at learning tricks and perform well at shows. The meaning of their life is to be in the centre of attention and bring joy to people. The breed copes with these tasks brilliantly.



Rottweilers are excellent watchdogs, but at the same time, for a long time it was believed that they are inferior in intelligence to German shepherds. In fact, this is not true - they are no less intelligent. They are very loyal dogs, which makes them excellent therapists who can help care for sick and infirm people. They can also be shepherds, service or police dogs, competitive athletes and companions. A Rottweiler will never refuse a job offered to him.

Australian shepherd dog


Another dog bred to herd huge flocks of sheep in Australia rounds out the top ten. Despite its small size and cute appearance, it carries the genes of wild dingoes. The Australian Shepherd Dog is capable of controlling large herds of livestock for several days without human intervention. Therefore, it can easily find a common language with humans. It is a very athletic breed that is credited with a peculiar sense of humour. And humour is definitely a sign of intelligence.

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