Which cat breeds are the most dangerous: suitable only for daredevils

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Bengal cat, Pixie-bob, and Egyptian Mau have a habit of getting too carried away with games

Domestic cats are generally not aggressive. We often mistake excessive playfulness and active manifestations of the animal's hunting instincts as manifestations of aggression - the furry animal may suddenly attack your feet, scratch or bite. This behaviour is normal for a cat. However, it is still worth knowing which breeds are prone to such behaviour if you are planning to get a purr.

Pet Keen has compiled a list of the breeds most prone to showing their predatory nature. They can compete with you for territory or play carelessly.

Siamese cat

Siamese cats are known as one of the most aggressive and territorial cats. If you have other pets, it is important to understand that Siamese cats are very jealous and take a long time to get used to them. Siamese cats are very demanding, so if they feel that they do not receive enough attention from their owners, they may demand it by force.


Sphynxes are very active cats that need a lot of time to play. This is combined with their high level of intelligence. On the one hand, you can use this to teach them to fetch a ball or similar fun activities. On the other hand, they may start playing predatory games with you out of boredom. Therefore, either entertain the Sphynx sufficiently or accept its temperament.

Bombay cat

These are fearless and athletic creatures that have inherited many traits from their wild ancestors. Therefore, they can show great strength during games. Fortunately, these cats are small, because with such an ability to put all their power into one paw strike, they could cause significant injuries to their owners. Like the Siamese cat and the Sphynx, the Bombay cat needs a lot of attention, and if it is not given, it can behave aggressively.

Bengal cat

This breed was created by crossing with a wild Bengal cat. It inherited the wild temperament. Only the fourth generation can be called fully domesticated. However, even they can develop behavioural problems, such as marking territory or extreme aggression during games. Bengals need more exercise and attention than the average cat. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet and comfortable companion, this breed is definitely not for you.

Scottish Fold

This breed is known for its friendliness, making it a great choice for families with children and other animals. But Scots can also be very bold if you don't pay enough attention to them. If left alone for long periods of time, they may start to behave aggressively and play carelessly with their humans.


This very sociable and confident breed is known for its tendency to vocalise. And it's not just meowing. Pixie-bobs growl and chirp with their humans, which a person unfamiliar with the breed may mistake for a manifestation of aggression. Because of their genetic relationship with lynxes, these cats are large and strong. If they fight, they will throw their full weight, which can put people off this wonderful breed.

Egyptian Mau

These creatures are graceful in appearance, but also balanced, intelligent, and obedient - almost like dogs in a cat's body. Egyptian Mau are gentle and friendly, and they can be trained. But the downside of their high intelligence is their tendency to lunge at their feet and other parts of the body when they are bored.

American Wirehair cat

This breed is the perfect compromise between an affectionate cat that is not too demanding but at the same time very active, although within certain limits. These cats are good at entertaining themselves, but if left alone for too long, they can start destroying your furniture out of boredom and can also be aggressive when playing with people.


This is a rare breed that costs a lot of money and may have genetic abnormalities if you buy an animal from an unverified breeder. If everything is fine with the cat, the Korat will seek constant human attention and demand to be played with. He will seek his own way by forceful methods of a wild predator, which can be quite unpleasant.

Singaporean cat

This is a miniature breed, so it cannot cause significant damage to humans. But this does not mean that the Singapura will not play with you like a real wild animal. These cats love to explore space and climb to all available heights. They may also start using vocalisation out of boredom. Most cat breeds tend to lose their hyperactive playfulness when they leave childhood, but not the Singapura.


This muscular, medium-sized breed requires appropriate entertainment. Although they do not have a tail, they have a very developed hindquarters, making them excellent jumpers. Their natural strength, combined with their activity and curiosity, means that some owners find Cymrics too difficult to keep.

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