Where you categorically shouldn't plant dill: what type of bed is not suitable

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Dill prefers beds with sufficient sunlight

Dill is not just a universal seasoning for dishes; it is a real storehouse of beneficial B vitamins and trace elements: phosphorus, iron, calcium, and potassium. Dill greens are high in fiber, which helps cleanse the intestines of toxins. Dill has a bactericidal, antispasmodic, cardiotonic, and choleretic effect on the body.

So it's hard to find a well-maintained garden without dill growing in it. It does not require special care, but certain conditions can inhibit its growth. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out where dill should never be sown.

The right neighborhood

Experienced gardeners do not recommend planting dill next to umbrella crops. These are, in particular:

  • carrots
  • parsley
  • celery

The fact is that the pests that these plants suffer from can also harm dill. Potatoes, onions, or cabbage are ideal neighbors.

What soil is suitable for dill

It is better not to sow dill on sandy soil. It will grow, of course, but it will be sparse, frail, and flavorless. Dill grows well in loose, airy soil.

Sun or shade

Some plants can shade the dill, and it will grow small and lack juiciness. Dill should not be sown near fences or greenhouses. Beds filled with sunlight are ideal.

Dill between rows of other vegetables

Gardeners often plant dill between rows of other vegetables, thus diluting, for example, onions, peppers, garlic, strawberries, etc. Again, the dill in the aisles will grow, but it will not have a rich flavor and aroma. Dill loses its flavor when it is "fed" by other crops. Therefore, dill should be planted at a sufficient distance from other plants.

Fertilizer for dill

Pay attention to the acidity of the soil. For healthy growth and development of the plant, the acidity should be at least 6.3.

Experts advise fertilizing the soil with dolomite flour. But this should not be done before sowing. It is best to apply fertilizer in the fall, or at least 2-4 weeks before planting.

By the way, there is a fertilizer that can be used to fertilize almost any crop. The only limitation is the frequency of such fertilization.

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