Where to put the orchid in winter: the plant will bloom more often

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Caring for an orchid in winter

Orchids are one of the most demanding indoor plants. They need a special substrate, do not tolerate excessive watering, react to the slightest draft, and can lose flower stems when the conditions seem to be quite acceptable.

The delicate structure of orchids requires special care. For flowers to survive, they need a place that matches their natural habitat. Experts of the Express publication told where to put an orchid in winter.

In winter, you need to take care of orchids. These plants grow in tropical forests and semi-desert regions, so cold and insufficient lighting can lead to negative consequences.

Botanical experts recommend placing orchids near windows in the house to encourage them to get all the light they need, especially during the flowering phases.

East and south-facing windows are ideal, although windowsills facing other sides can also work, as long as the plant is not exposed to drafts or harsh light.

Experts from Just Add Ice Orchids state: "You can extend the life of your orchid by making sure it gets enough light during the shorter winter days."

Try moving the container to the sunniest room in your home or the room with the most windows.

You need to pay attention to many factors:

  • light level
  • temperature indicators;
  • humidity and air flow.

Even orchids that are on the verge of death can recover with proper care.

Botanists note that yellowed leaves are the first sign of orchid wilting.

"To avoid sunburn, keep your plant in a north- or east-facing window, away from direct sunlight," gardening experts at Just Add Ice Orchids say.

If the orchid is in a room with south-facing windows, make sure it is protected from direct light but still gets plenty of diffused light.

Additional signs, such as bud drop, may indicate that the orchid is standing in a draft and temperature fluctuations are not suitable for it.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what not to do with an orchid, otherwise the plant will quickly die.

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