When not to clean the house: superstitions and their meaning

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When you can't clean the house

Cleaning is a common household chore that owners do regularly to maintain a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. But our ancestors believed that in some situations, it is worth avoiding such work so as not to bring trouble to the family.

OBOZ.UA found out when not to clean the house according to folk signs. If you believe in superstition, be sure to follow the recommendations.

When traveling

You should not clean the house the day before a trip or if one of your family members has already left for a trip. According to superstition, this can lead to misfortune and trouble.

When guests have just left

Housewives often start cleaning the apartment immediately after they have seen off guests, but this is wrong. Such actions symbolize the sudden departure of good luck and positive energy from the house. It's better to get some rest and start the housework the next day.

At night

Cleaning in the evening or at night will lead to a loss of luck and happiness. Do not vacuum or sweep because you are driving out the good fortune from the house. Do not take out the trash after sunset either.

On Fridays

Avoid cleaning on Fridays. Our ancestors believed that it can bring financial problems to the family, so choose some other day to avoid undesirable consequences.

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