What's in Putin's head: psychologists tell the truth about the mental disorders of the aggressive president

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Psychologists tell the truth about Putin's mental disorders

After Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, more people have questioned the sanity of the aggressive country's president, Vladimir Putin. Psychotherapists confirm these doubts, stating that the bloody dictator exhibits all the signs of delusions of grandeur and cognitive disorder. Moreover, upon analyzing the Kremlin leader's gestures and facial expressions at recent meetings and speeches, experts suggest that he is struggling with nervousness.

Psychotherapists Spartak Subbota and Navhora Khazlatova, a professor at the Department of Theoretical and Practical Psychology at Lviv Polytechnic National University, discussed this on the air of the UA  telethon. The experts also analyzed the behavior of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who apparently fears his Russian counterpart.

The psychotherapists referred to a video from the February 21 meeting of the Russian Security Council where Putin's entourage traditionally tells him what he wants to hear. Before a full-scale attack on Ukraine, the dictator exudes confidence, occasionally gloating and sitting relaxed on his "throne."

"He exhibits delusions of grandeur and delusions of nobility. It is an absolute conviction in false judgments without any evidence", commented Subbota.

However, after the failed blitzkrieg and a series of outright defeats of the Russian army, noticeable changes are observed in Putin's psychological portrait. Videos taken after February 24 show signs of cognitive impairment in the dictator's movements and speech.

"He starts stuttering, stumbling. He doesn't know how to properly convey his thoughts. He has constant doubts. He repeats the same phrases. It looks as if he is afraid to say anything in particular. You can see that he is losing his mind, losing a healthy connection with reality. He has no idea about the real events at the front", explained the psychotherapist.

His colleague added that at the penultimate meeting with Lukashenko, Putin often danced with his feet, twiddled his thumbs, and couldn't sit still. He was visibly nervous. However, later, at the last meeting between the two presidents, all of these actions of Putin's became less pronounced. Obviously, the dictator began taking sedatives, which, however, did not have the expected effect.

"Reducing tension does not bring complete recovery, does not give a positive result. If he received any dose of medication for relaxation, it only continued to destroy his psyche", noted Navgora Khazlatova.

Regarding the Belarusian odious leader, at all meetings with Putin, he sits in a closed posture - with his arms and legs crossed in a lock. This indicates his fear of his "big brother." In addition, Lukashenko regularly wipes sweat from his forehead because he is nervous.

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