What you need to do by New Year's Eve: a list of tasks

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A well-planned celebration will go off without a hitch

Preparing for the holidays is always a hectic time even if you're just buying gifts for your loved ones and don't plan any major celebrations. To make the process less chaotic and stressful, psychologists advise making lists and gradually crossing off items.

OBOZ.UA tells you how to make the best to-do list for Christmas and how to take care not only of the celebration itself but also of yourself.

What should be included in the list

When you plan some tasks, it is important not only to put the name of the task on the list but also to ensure that everything is completed on time and to the fullest extent possible. To do that, efficiency experts recommend that you also indicate the deadline for each item and the person responsible for it. For example, younger children can be responsible for buying sweets, and the person who drives the car can be responsible for choosing and delivering the Christmas tree. This way, everyone will know their area of responsibility, have clear deadlines, and be less likely to leave everything to the last day.

Cleaning up

The holiday should be celebrated in a clean environment. Some people even organize a spring cleaning and decluttering before Christmas. In general, it's important to put things in order by the end of the year in a broad sense. So, you need to make a list of:

  • planned work: from disassembling cabinets to mopping the floor before guests arrive;
  • the day you will take unnecessary items for recycling, donate them to charity, or put them up for sale;
  • time to set up the Christmas tree and decorate the house;
  • the deadline for putting your finances in order;
  • various paperwork, such as organizing documents, paying bills, etc;
  • you can also schedule all the calls and conversations with people you want to apologize to or have something to tell them about your feelings to put your emotions in order;
  • clearing the memory in your phone and computer can be a separate item.

The more order you put in your life, the lighter your heart will be when you start the new year. And this is an important psychological nuance.

Preparing for the holiday

As the holiday party approaches, plan everything you need to prepare for it. It doesn't matter if you're hosting family and friends or if you've been invited. Here's what you should include in your preparation plan:

  • make a guest list;
  • schedule time to think about your outfit and borrow or buy what you need;
  • think about what holiday decorations you will need and when and what you will need to buy;
  • make a holiday menu in advance;
  • choose a day to buy treats like alcohol, food and sweets and do not put it off until the last minute so as not to spoil the whole day;
  • make a list of what you need to prepare dinner in advance;
  • set aside time to work on your look: go to the hairdresser, get your nails done, etc;
  • make a list of planned gifts and set deadlines for buying and ordering them.


In the pre-holiday bustle, don't forget about yourself and your state of mind. You can also take care of it on the list. What can be added to it:

  • pre-holiday meetings with friends with whom you will spend Christmas apart;
  • a date with your loved one;
  • an evening of festive or non-holiday movies, depending on your mood;
  • a spa day, even if it's just half an hour in the bathtub with foam and music;
  • an evening of gratitude for the past year: for example, you can make a list of things you are grateful for or create a photo show for New Year's Eve.

Plans for the future

In Western culture, it is quite common practice to make lists of plans and promises to yourself for the next year. By looking at this list, you can always monitor your progress and see how you are moving towards your goals and what can be improved. Put the following items on this list:

  • career plans: desired job or position, salary increase in the new year, etc;
  • vacation plans;
  • some new activities and hobbies you want to try in the new year;
  • a list of books you plan to read and movies you want to watch;
  • financial plan: a schedule for closing loans or installments, the desired amount of savings at the end of the year, etc;
  • even a cherished wish can be made in such a list as you will have a chance to look at it with a more rational view.

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