What will save your crops from rotting in the cellar: an actionable lifehack

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How to avoid rotting vegetables in the cellar

The busy season is coming to an end, so the main concern of gardeners in November is to ensure long-term storage of fruits and vegetables. Two main factors need to be taken into account: the right temperature and the optimal humidity level in the cellar.

All efforts can be wasted if the harvested crops start to rot and become moldy by the new year. OBOZ.UA tells you about an effective folk life hack that will save vegetables and fruits from rotting.

Maintaining the right level of humidity in the cellar is quite difficult, but the tips that our grandmothers used to use will come in handy.

Fern leaves have long been known for their healing properties. Experts confirm that the plant does have an antiseptic effect. Fern leaves can prevent the formation of mold and prevent decay. So all you need to do is just cover vegetables and fruits with the leaves.

Of course, you should harvest the fern in advance. Experienced gardeners do this in July and August. After the leaves are dried, they are used to line shelves and boxes.

An important caveat: the fern should be in contact with fruits and vegetables, so do not put straw, sand, or other moisture-absorbing materials on top of the leaves.

The effectiveness is achieved by the interaction of fern leaves and vegetables, and the risk of mold is significantly reduced.

For better results, you can also spread the leaves on the cellar floor. This will really save your harvest.

By the way, rowan leaves can also reduce the humidity level - they will dry out vegetables and prevent rotting. Read more about this life hack in the article.

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