What vegetables are easiest to grow at home: a list

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You can set up a garden right on your balcony

Vegetables from the store may not please you with their taste, but not having a garden is not a problem. Experienced gardeners say that you can grow a good harvest on a windowsill or balcony if you approach it correctly.

All you need for this type of gardening is a few pots of different sizes, some universal soil, and seeds. Country Living has compiled a few options for vegetables and herbs that thrive at home.

However, before starting indoor gardening, ensure you have a place in your home where the plants can receive 6 or more hours of direct sunlight each day. All these species love warmth and light.

Lettuce and other leafy salads

Green salads, especially lettuce, germinate easily from seed and are easy and inexpensive to maintain. You can harvest the first crop about 30 days after sowing the seeds. Lettuce has shallow roots, so it will do well even in small containers and pots. Keep the soil moist until germination and then water the plants as needed.

Annual herbs

Annual salad herbs include savory, dill, cilantro, and basil. All these species grow well in pots on the windowsill. However, if you want to grow basil, keep in mind that it is sensitive to various plant diseases. Therefore, choose seeds of a more resistant species.


There are many varieties of beans, bushy or climbing, that will do well in a home garden. They produce good yields, but climbing varieties will need support to climb up and get as much sun as possible. Start picking the pods off the plant when they are ripe, as the more you harvest, the better the plant will produce.


Beets grown for their leaves look aesthetically pleasing and can decorate any windowsill. It is a very nutritious green, easy to grow like lettuce. Chard is not afraid of cool weather and will produce crops even in the fall. You can sow it at intervals of several weeks to harvest nutritious leaves throughout the season.

Cherry tomatoes

Small tomatoes are more expensive in stores, but they are easy to grow at home and very fruitful. You can grow several varieties at once - red, yellow, and brown, round and creamy. Check how tall the chosen variety grows, as some can reach a height of 3 meters and above and will need appropriate support.

Perennial herbs

These plants are sown once and then harvested for several years. They include thyme, oregano, sage, mint, and tarragon. Perennial herbs grow well in containers, but keep in mind that if you store them in an unheated garage or basement over the winter, you may need to cover the pots to protect the roots from the cold.


Freshly picked cucumbers are the crunchiest, making them ideal for balcony growth. They yield a decent harvest, so plant the seeds in a pot or box as soon as the danger of frost has passed. About 60 days after that, the first fruits can be served. Plant flowers nearby that attract pollinating insects, as they are essential for a cucumber harvest.


You can grow both sweet and hot varieties at home, but ensure the plant gets enough heat. Many types of peppers can be harvested green for a more bitter flavor or allowed to ripen and eaten sweet - it's up to you.


This curly cabbage is a nutrient-rich champion and can be harvested right up until fall due to its resistance to cold. Some species can even survive the winter and produce again the next year. Some varieties can be used for hot dishes, while others are good in salads.


Plants of the pumpkin family produce a wonderful harvest, and there are various ways to cook them. However, they need a lot of space, so it may not work out on a cramped balcony. Ensure to attract pollinating insects.


This pungent herb grows very quickly and can be sown in waves several times during the summer. One packet of seeds will last quite a while. Arugula can be sown in early spring and grown until fall - it is not afraid of cool weather.

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