What to replace foil in the kitchen with: clever tricks

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What to replace foil with

Aluminum foil is a versatile item in the kitchen. It is used not only for baking but also for storing food, wrapping sandwiches or creating an improvised container or lid.

However, it often happens that the foil runs out at the most crucial moment. House Digest tells us how to replace it.

You can use silicone baking mats, beeswax food wrappers, parchment or wax paper. While these options may not be as versatile, they are a great alternative when you find yourself in a bind.

Experts emphasize that an alternative to foil should also be sought because of the negative impact of this metal on the environment. Bauxite, the material from which aluminum is purified, is often mined in tropical forests, meaning that large areas are simply cut down and cleared as part of the bauxite mining process.

It's worth keeping in mind that foil absorbs heat, so the bottom of the dish can become crispy if you use it for baking.

Silicone baking mats are a great option for those who care about the environment as they are reusable. These mats are also non-stick, which simplifies the cleaning process. Clean the mats with warm or hot water and a mild detergent solution after each use. Parchment paper will ensure more even baking.

If you use foil to store your food, there are several alternatives, such as beeswax food wrappers, parchment or wax paper, and of course plastic or glass containers.

Beeswax wrappers are an environmentally friendly product that will help in the process of food storage. You just need to make a mold around the tops of jars, containers, or even directly around cheeses or fruits. Remember that beeswax food wrappers should never be exposed to high heat as they will melt. Wash the wrappers with warm water and soap between uses.

Parchment is not as moldable as foil or beeswax food wrappers. As for wax paper, this material is great for protecting food during storage in the refrigerator or freezer. However, keep in mind that this material should not be heated too much.

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