What to give to grandparents for the New Year: the best ideas

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How to please those who "have everything"

Giving something for a holiday to older relatives is very difficult. After all, as a rule, they already "have everything" (although we all know that this is not true). Grandparents often ask us not to spend money on them, but we still really want to please them.

That's why OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of gifts that will certainly please our elderly loved ones. Moreover, you can choose a gift or idea among them for any budget.

Something with photos

Older people are often happy to decorate their homes with photos of their relatives. Often, they can't see their grandchildren in person every day, so they'll be happy to receive a picture of them. Print them a photo book and sign each frame or give them a mug with a family portrait. Send a postcard or print a large photo on the wall and decorate a frame for it together with your children. Finally, you can make a fun calendar with as many as 12 family photos. This gift will definitely warm up your grandparents.

Health products

Age does not make a person healthier, so older relatives have to make some effort to monitor their condition. You can make this task easier for them by giving them a convenient and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, or walker. A certificate for new glasses or a dental clinic, a comprehensive checkup, or even a pill organizer - all of these will be appropriate if you know that your grandparents need some kind of medical gadget to improve their quality of life. Just don't buy something too "smart" and with too many functions. The elderly person may not be able to understand them.

Warm clothes

Also, due to old age, people often start to get cold. Therefore, beautiful and comfortable warm clothes will also be a good gift for them. Fluffy and soft slippers for the home, a sweater or a spectacular cardigan will keep your relative warm until spring and remind them of you every time. And they will definitely like this gift. You can also choose a blanket to cover yourself with in front of the TV, a bed warmer or a heater if there are any problems with heating in your grandmother's house.

Jewelry and accessories

If your grandmother has always loved wearing jewelry, she will still be pleased with some spectacular costume jewelry. She may not be able to wear a ring or earrings, but she will surely love a necklace or brooch. A watch with a convenient contrasting dial or a beautiful bag on wheels for shopping can also please her. Just try not to choose something too decorative. Older people often tend to leave such things until better times and they may not have time to enjoy your gift.

Certificates for services

Of course, you can give your elderly relative money, but in this case, there is a good chance that you will soon receive it back as a gift. Therefore, you can please your grandparents with a certificate for purchases in their favorite store. You can choose a therapeutic massage or some other useful services. After all, many elderly people will be happy to attend a concert at the Philharmonic, for example, if you give them tickets or even season tickets.

Tasty gifts

In our country, the elderly often save money on themselves and do not indulge in delicious drinks or high-quality sweets. Therefore, a festive set of tea, cookies, or chocolate will be a great joy for them. Honey or dried fruits in a beautiful jar, a set of more expensive products such as olive oil, gourmet sausages and unusual pickles, as well as fine alcohol will make your grandparents happy. But take into account the person's health. Don't give sweets to people with diabetes or hard foods to people with dental problems.

Simple household appliances

Just as children love gadgets, seniors enjoy devices that can help them accomplish their daily tasks more easily. A blender or slow cooker for those who like to cook, a new electric razor, massager or a set of tools for those who are handy. Hobby materials will do if your grandmother, for example, still knits or embroiders. A lightweight wireless vacuum cleaner or electric broom will be a great option. But don't forget - gadgets should be as easy to use as possible.


Elderly people still enjoy entertainment, although they may no longer be able to dance or play computer games. But a new record player, book, or e-reader can bring a lot of joy. A good idea is a digital audio player that comes preloaded with a large selection of audiobooks.

Homemade gifts

Some of these things can be made with your own hands, so they will be even more valuable in the eyes of an elderly relative. For example, a blanket knitted by grandchildren or a cake made by you. Make some kind of home decoration, make a kitchen cutting board, or even sew and paint or embroider a shopping bag - all of these things will give your elderly relative a piece of your warmth.

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