What to feed onions in May: the harvest will exceed expectations

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What fertilizer will make onions grow faster

May is the perfect time to fertilize onions. This is not an overly frugal plant, but thin and pale feathers may indicate the need for immediate fertilization.

The key is not to waste time. Weak feathers are a sign that the onion is lacking nitrogen. Read how to prepare a budget and effective fertilizer that will save the harvest in the article OBOZREVATEL.

For fertilizing in the second half of May you can use urea. This fertilizer is almost half nitrogen.

Urea will not oxidize the soil, which is a big advantage. Onions like the type of soil with neutral acidity. It is very easy to prepare the fertilizer. You just need to add 20 grams of urea in a container with 10 liters of water.

First you need to water the beds with fertilizer, and then with plain water. In this way, the urea solution will get deeper into the roots.

The feeding can be repeated after 2 weeks. Experienced gardeners say that the harvest will surpass all expectations.

As an alternative, it is recommended to try a balanced fertilizer with the same content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

In addition, the rules of the neighborhood should be observed. It is better not to plant onions next to:

  • beans
  • beans
  • parsnips
  • dill
  • cabbage
  • beets.

It is optimal to plant onions on loam or sandy loam type of soil. So the plant is deeply rooted and will grow quite intensively. If the feathers began to bow - experts advise cutting them. This should be done before the tubular leaves tangle with each other. Each leaf should be cut by half or a third. If the plant has not been cultivated with any chemicals, these greens can be eaten.

By the way, onions can easily be grown on the balcony. Then it does not need additional nutrition. With onions on the windowsill is used not to be ceremonious, because it germinates perfectly even in a plastic glass with water. But such onions can be very bitter, which would spoil any dish. How to improve the taste of the "balcony" onions - read in this article.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told about two plants that should not be planted in the garden, because they can destroy the entire harvest.

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