What to feed onions and garlic to get 200% yield: a cheap tiphack

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Onions and garlic will respond well to nitrogen supplementation.

By the end of May, onions and garlic planted in the open ground are already producing their first crop of fresh herbs. And by now you can already judge the condition of the plants. In most cases they feel good, but what to do if the young onions and garlic began to wither?

OBOZREVATEL tells about a simple homemade fertilizer that will bring these vegetables back to life. To make it you need a simple and affordable ingredient.

Often, in order to bring vegetable crops back to life, you need a nitrogen fertilizer. It can be made from ammonia alcohol, which is a solution of ammonia. The nitrogen in its composition will help garlic and onions restore the normal cycle of chlorophyll formation. In addition, it will provide a noticeably better yield of these vegetables at the end of the season.

At what signs should you apply nitrogen fertilizer to the soil? Experts highlight the following signs:

  • yellowing of feathers;
  • цhitening of feather tips and their curling;
  • whitening of the stems;
  • lack of flowering;
  • poor fruit growth.

To make a nitrogen dressing based on ammonia, you need to dilute three tablespoons of this agent in 10 liters of water. This solution should be used to water the plants whose condition has deteriorated.

You should apply such fertilizer after you water garlic and onions. The ideal time for this is sunset. The solution is poured under the root of the plants. You can do this regularly throughout the season.

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