What to do with orchid roots sticking out of the pot: rules for repotting

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Basic rules for orchid repotting

An orchid is a very delicate flower that quickly responds to even the slightest external stimuli. The plant requires proper lighting, adequate humidity, and favorable conditions for healthy growth.

It's common to observe orchid roots extending out of the pot. In such cases, it is recommended to repot the plant. Aerial roots are often found in phalaenopsis and epiphytic orchids, growing extensively and even extracting moisture from the air. These roots are typically thick, firm, and covered with a velum, serving as a means for the plant to obtain water and nitrogen. However, the presence of above-ground roots suggests that the orchid has outgrown its current pot.

If you notice the roots protruding from the pot, it's time to repot the orchid. After carefully removing it from the pot, soak the orchid in cool water for about 30 minutes.

Before proceeding with the repotting, inspect the roots. Any roots with a black or brown color indicate they are dead and should be pruned using disinfected pruning shears. Healthy roots, which are typically white or green, should be retained.

Choose a pot with drainage holes for repotting the orchid. You can use specialized orchid soil or a bark mixture. Enhance drainage by adding a shallow layer of fine roots or pebbles. After repotting, place the orchid in a cool location and refrain from watering for several days.

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