What things you should definitely throw away before the New Year: tips on how to attract happiness to the house

On the holiday, make room for fresh energy in your life

In order to make room for something new, you need to get rid of something old: this is a rule that we recall at least once a year. Of course, this time falls on New Year's holidays when we promise ourselves to start a new life in one way or another. In some nations, decluttering has even become a holiday tradition.

Meanwhile, esotericists have their own opinion on the matter. They do not just recommend getting rid of old things but pay special attention to some items that can really pull positive energy away, not let it into your home, and muffle it. OBOZ.UA tells you what kind of items we are talking about.

Expired products

Anything that has expired is not just dangerous to health. It represents dead energy. Therefore, you need to get rid of expired food, cosmetics, household chemicals, medicines, etc.

Last year's press and old calendars

Printed materials intended for a certain period of time are believed to pull you back and energetically interfere with your goals in the new year. Therefore, collect all such paper (newspapers, magazines, flyers for long-past promotions, paid bills, old calendars, and even unnecessary books) and recycle them.

Broken furniture

Be honest with yourself: if you haven't repaired a stool leg or screwed a locker door in the past year, you're unlikely to do so in the next. Meanwhile, "dead" furniture blocks the proper circulation of energy in the house and leads to its stagnation and, accordingly, various crises. So get rid of everything that no longer serves you as much as possible.

Chipped dishes

At the energy level, dishes are considered to be a container of abundance, so cracked and scratched items will definitely not bring you anything good. Feel free to throw away all damaged cups and bowls if you want to live a year of prosperity.

Dead plants

Living indoor plants have an extremely positive effect on the energy of the home. However, dead ones have exactly the opposite effect: they cause stagnation of energy and attract bad luck. Therefore, do not keep dried flowerpots at home. If the plant is alive and just needs care, cut off all dead leaves and damaged branches. Let the flower take on a new beauty in the coming year.

Materials and tools for an abandoned hobby

Anything that no longer fits your current period of life pulls you back. This also applies to hobbies that you no longer do. Don't keep paints, thread, badminton sets, polymer clay, wooden blocks, burners, knitting needles, rollers, hoops and other materials and tools at home that you no longer use. This is dead weight. Try to find a new hobby in the new year. Give all this to someone who needs it. In this way, you will simultaneously cleanse the energy of your home and give someone a little happiness, which will also return to you in some good way.

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