What mosquitoes are afraid of: life hacks to scare away insects

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Mosquitoes don't like the smell of certain herbs and the mosquito net still works great

The impression of beautiful summer weather can be completely ruined by mosquitoes. The annoying insects buzz unpleasantly and bite painfully, leaving very itchy blisters on the skin. Therefore, humanity is coming up with new ways to protect itself from mosquitoes.

OBOZREVATEL has put together some effective recommendations. They will help even if you don't have access to industrially produced chemical repellents.

Mosquito nets are still the best home protection against mosquitoes. They can help not only block windows from insect entry. You can use the net to cover your bed so that they don't disturb your sleep, and to cover a hammock or deck chair set up outside.

Mosquitoes like cool and humid places, so avoiding such locations is a good idea to reduce the likelihood of contact with them. Also, do not keep uncovered containers with standing water in the yard of your cottage or house - insects lay their eggs in them. Rooms, especially damp ones, should be ventilated and warmed up in a timely manner by the sun - mosquitoes don't like its rays either.

Lavender, mint or chamomile grown under the windows not only smell great. They also scare away insects with their fragrance. Therefore, decorating a flower bed with them will not only be pleasant, but also useful.

Mosquito lamps and spirals are a good way to fight mosquitoes outdoors at night. They attract them with their light and then destroy them with the help of repellents or electricity.

The smell of perfume fragrances is attractive not only to humans, but also to mosquitoes, so after using eau de toilette, lotions or scented deodorants, you become more attractive to these insects. So, if possible, avoid using them.

If you plan to buy a repellent, look for products containing diethyl toluamide (DEET), ir3535 or picaridin. These substances, applied to the skin or clothing, repel mosquitoes well.

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