What is your psychological age: a simple test will give an answer

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Psychological age test

Experts say that a person's biological age quite often differs from their psychological age. There are a number of interesting tests to help determine this difference. The discrepancy between these indicators can lead to excessive infantilism in adulthood or, conversely, to a too serious and pessimistic outlook on life in youth.

A test that can help you determine your psychological age is gaining popularity online. You need to look carefully at the picture and count the number of dogs. So, how many dogs did you notice?

What is your psychological age: a simple test will give an answer

4 Dogs

The best time of light is the period of youth. Your psychological age is 15-20 years old. You are optimistic, positive, and do not look for problems to take on your own head. You believe that life should be viewed in a simpler way. You are probably a creative and imaginative person, and you love parties, bright events, and fun. You easily get along with people and generally feel happy. Additionally, you try to travel whenever possible because you often lack vivid impressions.

5 Dogs

Your psychological age is 25-30 years old. Life no longer seems as simple and bright to you as it did in your youth. You are already burdened with serious adult problems. You realize that you need to take responsibility and do not take problems lightly. Trying to enjoy every moment, you do not complicate the situation and believe that the glass is still half full.

6 Dogs

You are a fairly mature and well-formed personality. Your psychological age is 30-40 years old. You no longer strive for bright moments, risky actions, and loud parties, although sometimes you don't mind having fun. At this stage, you value stability and reliability. You want a well-paid job and comfortable living conditions. Spontaneous decisions are not about you. You spend a lot of time thinking and assessing risks. You have a mature outlook on life and are not prone to conflict. You have every chance to succeed.

7 Dogs

The good news: your psychological age is 10-15 years old. The bad news: you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. You know how to enjoy simple things, see the positive in everything, and believe that all people are naturally kind and compassionate. A naive, sincere child lives in your heart. However, you have not learned to take responsibility and are always waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

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