What is the difference between a fitness bracelet and a smart watch: which is better to buy

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Smartwatches and fitness bracelets are both similar and very different

The closer to spring, the more of us think that it would be nice to increase our physical activity. In order not to be lazy, many people buy smart gadgets in addition to their gym membership, which help them control their workout. And here the question arises what to choose - a fitness bracelet or a smart watch, and what is the difference between them.

Both devices have built-in functions to track the amount of exercise and certain health indicators. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to understand them and what to choose so that the gadget meets your needs.

What do they have in common?

Many of the functions and features of a fitness bracelet and a smartwatch are the same. This starts with the form factor of the devices, because both are worn on the wrist, where they are attached with a strap, and have a screen on which they display data. These gadgets can also be paired with a smartphone for convenience.

The screens of the devices display the time and date, which means that they can actually replace a regular watch. Both feature an alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch. Using the same built-in sensors, they can measure the number of steps, heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned and other body indicators.

In terms of functionality, new models of smartwatches tend to be ahead, but fitness bracelets are quickly catching up with them. For example, both these and other gadgets now have GPS trackers and a function to measure oxygen in the blood. And they can also help with adherence to a certain fitness regime through reminders.

What's the difference

In two words, a fitness bracelet is in general a simpler device, whose main and only task is to help with maintaining physical activity at a sufficiently high level. Accordingly, no unusual design is created for it - in the foreground here is the functionality. It also has a small screen and a very simple operating system, which is unlikely to be improved by installing additional programs. As well as to remove from it what you consider unnecessary.

However, because of its simplicity, the fitness bracelet consumes less energy and therefore keeps a charge for a long time. This also affects its price - it is an inexpensive gadget. At the same time, it is waterproof and you can not take it off at all.

And vice versa - smartwatches are created so that they are an eye-catching accessory, so they develop a stylish design for them. Sometimes even with an analog dial, like a traditional wrist chronometer. Accordingly, such a device has a rather large screen.

Also, such watches are equipped with a fairly sophisticated operating system, supporting the installation of the necessary applications for the user. More advanced models are able to work with eSIM, and sometimes even a physical SIM card, can not only answer messages, but also receive calls. Some have internal storage, so they can play music independently of the smartphone.

This affects the price and autonomy of the device. Some smartwatches are already equal in cost to budget smartphones. And a large screen and a significant number of functions can drain the battery of the gadget in just one day.

How to choose a gadget for your needs

If you only need to monitor your activity, there is no point in overpaying for a smart watch. A fitness bracelet will take all the necessary measurements. In addition, thanks to its minimalist design it will suit any outfit.

Those, who, for whatever reason, is looking for a virtually full-fledged replacement for your smartphone, or want to buy a catchy accessory, it is better to pay attention to the smartwatch. The latest models can compete with modern phones in terms of functionality and at the same time they do not need to be kept in hand all the time.

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