What flowers can't be given on Mother's Day: alternatives

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Bouquet - a great gift for Mother's Day, with which you can express your tender and enthusiastic attitude to Mom. But experts on the language of flowers are convince: not all kinds of flowering plants are suitable for this holiday.

OBOZREVATEL looked into this matter. We tell you what flowers you can tell your mother or grandmother about your feelings and which are better left for other holidays.

What flowers are worth giving


This bright flower symbolizes friendship, sincerity of feelings, and gratitude. A wonderful gift to moms from adult children. However, from the little ones, too.


A large, lush flower represents maternal love and a sense of security. In Japan, the peony is also considered a symbol of feminine beauty, and the Chinese associate it with wealth and happiness. Sounds like the perfect choice for Mother's Day.


Spring flowers, whose season comes to an end around Mother's Day, are considered a symbol of perfect or deep love. It's also important to consider the color of the petals:

  • pink - happiness and confidence;
  • red - love;
  • purple - royalty and power as such;
  • Yellow - joyful thoughts;
  • white - forgiveness.

Consequently, such a bouquet will also be quite appropriate for the holiday of mothers.


The queen of flowers can also be appropriate, but it is also worth taking into account the coloring of the flower.

  • Red - the color of passion, so it is better when they will thank your beloved man for the children;
  • Pink - gratitude;
  • yellow - strength, friendship, and care;
  • Orange - joy, and happiness;
  • white - innocence and fidelity.


The bright flowers of this plant speak of joy and warmth. That is everything that children associate with their mothers.


When choosing flowers for the bouquet, it is best to avoid white chrysanthemums, because they symbolize death and grief. The other shades are fine for creating a bouquet for the mother.

What flowers are not suitable for Mother's Day


This plant means a request for patience and discretion in the language of flowers. This a somewhat inappropriate message for a Mother's Day celebration.


Even though these flowering trees are in full bloom season, their flowers in a bouquet speak of doubts about a partner's fidelity. So it's not a good choice either.


If a partner gives them, he thus shows his distrust. Therefore the man better thinks about other flowers for his wife on this holiday. However, if the children will give them, it is quite acceptable.

The most important thing when choosing flowers for Mother's Day

Whatever the symbolism of flowers, the most important thing in this holiday is to focus on what will bring the woman the greatest joy. So, if she likes lilacs or daisies most of all, give her just such a bouquet. After all, a mom's happy smile is the main decoration of Mother's Day.

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