What does it mean if a bird knocks on the window: the essence of the superstition

A bird knocking on the window means a message or a warning about something

Many have witnessed a bird flying into a room or knocking on a window. Some will say that it is just an accident, but superstitious people will take it as a message or a warning.

Our ancestors believed that birds are messengers of the spirit world, so it is important to understand their signs correctly. OBOZREVATEL will help to understand this.

To correctly interpret what you see, you need to consider the time of day, your mood and the type of bird. Today we will look a the pigeon, tit and crow.


If a bird knocks on the window in the morning, it means a new beginning, a bright future or hope and inspiration. Get ready for new opportunities and life changes.

A dove knocking on the window in the afternoon means unexpected news, a guest or an offer. And if in the evening, it's a warning of danger or a problem. You need to be careful and protect yourself and your loved ones.

A bird knocking on the window at night is the scariest omen, because it is a prediction of death, tragedy, threat or misfortune.

When a dove quickly flew in and out of a room, it foretells victory. And if it flew in and can't find its way out, it's a warning of bad news.


If a bird knocked on the window, it will bring good news to the residents, and if it flew into the balcony, it foreshadows the replenishment  to the family.

Some people believe that when a tit flew into a room, it's a sign of good news and happiness. But others interpret it as the loss of a loved one. Our ancestors believed that a tit was the soul of their deceased relative, and the window was a guide to another world.

There is also an omen that when a bird sits on the hand, it is a good sign. One should make a wish and if a tit will give voice, it will definitely come true.


This black bird always brings fear, so people believe that its knocking on the window portends the death of a loved one. But in some cases, it is also a good sign of a long journey, such as a vacation.

And if you hear two crows knocking, it means an imminent meeting with a loved one or the fulfillment of a wish.

However, when the bird crashed into the window, it is a warning of danger to someone in the family or the threat of death.

In any case, the interpretation of the signs depends on the mood and faith of the person, so it is not always necessary to take such phenomena seriously. It may be that the bird flew in hiding from bad weather or danger.

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