What distance to plant tomato sprouts: the ideal option to increase the yield

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Tomato plants need a lot of space to grow

Tomato seedlings seem so small and fragile that inexperienced gardeners have a desire to place them in the soil rather tightly bush to bush. But this is a misconception. Growing up, tomato bushes require enough space to get enough sunlight.

OBOZREVATEL asked the experience of experts on gardening. And tells about the distance at which the plants should be placed, so that they form the best way and give a rich harvest.

If we are talking about high-growing varieties, you should leave about 70-80 centimeters between bushes in the row. And the distance between the rows should be at least 1 meter. In this case, each bush will be able to produce about 10 fruit bunches.

Medium-grown tomatoes require somewhat less space. You can leave 50-60 centimeters between bushes, and 70-80 cm between rows. With proper care, plants placed in this way can produce up to 8 kg of fruit per bush.

And low-growing varieties will need the least space. The distance between them can be 30 cm, and the rows are best placed 50 cm from each other. In this case, up to 10 bushes can be placed on a square meter.

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