Warner Bros. shows the main trailer of the long-awaited comedy Barbie with Margot Robbie: Ukrainian premiere date

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Warner Bros. showed the official trailer for "Barbie"

Warner Bros. presented the official trailer for the long-awaited Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Fans of the story about the iconic toys were introduced to the plot and shown the film's visuals.

The film will be released in Ukraine on 20 July this year. The trailer is available on YouTube (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos and videos).

The viewers were given a glimpse of the plot by briefly outlining the motivation of the characters. The filmmakers also showed the striking difference between Barbie's world and the real one.


The protagonist adored her perfect life, filled with romance, parties, wealth and friendly gatherings. But suddenly, everything changes when Barbie becomes "imperfect" and is expelled from her familiar world.


Margot Robbie finds herself in an ordinary metropolis, where she is accompanied by Ken. The characters will go through a difficult period of adaptation, exciting adventures and self-awareness.


Talks about the film adaptation of Barbie began back in 2009, but negotiations were very long. The main cast was approved only in 2019, and the main actors were announced in 2022.

The film was directed by director and actress Greta Gerwig. Filming ended last summer. Speaking about the film, Margot Robbie promised that she would show the audience "what they want to see without knowing it".

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that the fashion industry has already reacted to the long-awaited premiere and revived the barbiecore trend. Read more about this trend here.

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