Very dangerous: what shoes should not be worn in winter

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You will be cold and wet in these shoes in winter

The requirements for winter shoes are very high. They have to be warm, comfortable, waterproof, and not slip on ice. But at the same time, you want them to look decent. Therefore, sometimes some people sacrifice their comfort or even safety for the sake of style.

OBOZ.UA has collected tips from experts who have pointed out what types of shoes should be avoided in winter at all costs. No style is worth the problems that such a choice of a winter pair can bring.

Leather shoes

Elegant leather shoes, even with a warm lining, are not suitable for everyday wear in winter. This material warms rather mediocrely, and you run the risk of getting cold and catching a cold. In addition, genuine leather is moisture-permeable, so you may constantly face the problem of wet feet. Therefore, leave this type of shoe in winter only for special events.


Yes, there are special winter sneakers with protection against leaks and warming materials. But you need to pay special attention to this nuance when choosing shoes. If you just wear sneakers in winter, you risk walking around with wet feet and freezing all the time. After all, comfortable sports shoes are usually designed to withstand the weather conditions of the off-season.

Any shoe with a thin sole

In fact, a thick sole protects you from the cold in winter better than a fur lining or sheepskin shoe. It insulates the foot from the cold surface of the ground and raises it above the level of a shallow puddle. This is something that a thin sole cannot provide. Therefore, any pairs with low soles should be avoided in winter. Instead, choose options with a deep tread and large relief - these peculiar air chambers in the sole will reduce contact with the cold surface, and the grooves on it will help you slip less on ice.

Shoes without water protection

When choosing a pair of everyday shoes for hiking on winter streets, pay special attention to the presence of a waterproof membrane. It's the only way to keep you dry in any weather conditions. In addition, such material usually passes air well, which means that your feet will always be in a comfortable microclimate.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to quickly dry wet shoes in winter.

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